"This Is Like Magic": Young Man Builds Device to Control Gadgets Without Touching, Gives Demo in Video

"This Is Like Magic": Young Man Builds Device to Control Gadgets Without Touching, Gives Demo in Video

Lesley John Jumbo is an inspiring young tech inventor from Rivers State, Nigeria, who wants to make the world a better place.

At just 18 years old, Jumbo is an embedded software engineer who leads a team that includes Bright Sunday and Blessed Pepple.

Together, they are developing innovative gesture-controlled devices to change how humans interact with technology.

Lesley John Jumbo
Jumbo and his friends at work Photo credit: @xanes_ai
Source: Facebook

The passion and the journey to be the next big inventor

While his peers shared pictures of their latest fashion statements and social outings, Lesley's social media pages are brimming with impressive videos showcasing his inventions, all of which are designed to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing the world today.

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He told Legit.ng that his interest in gesture-controlled devices was sparked by his laziness when he wanted to pause a movie on his computer, which was out of reach.

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Driven by the desire for convenience, he began exploring ways to control his device telepathically.

He said:

"One day, while watching a movie on my computer, I needed to pause the video. However, it was far from me and I was too lazy to stand up. So, I thought to myself, 'Is there a way I could control it telepathically?
"My desire to learn how to do it made me attend a robotics bootcamp hosted by a startup called Technoville Innovations Nigeria in my local area.
"During the month-long program, we learned how to code and build robots from scratch.
"However, the information we received was not enough, so I teamed up with my two friends who share my passion for robotics. Together, we scoured the internet in search of more information, which we found and used to begin building robots."

Lesley John Jumbo's inventions

Lesley and his friends have turned their passion into reality by creating devices that solve real-life problems.

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Among Lesley's proudest achievements as a tech inventor is the Hi-Wear, a gesture-controlled device that allows you to control your computer's mouse with hand gestures.

Lesley explained:

"The idea was basically brought out of the need to make a prototype to keep our Instagram page up and running.
"It wasn't until we discovered how great it was that we started contributing more to its features."

He also said he has built a smart trash can that detects when a person is close to it, and automatically opens the lid so the person can drop their trash.

He claimed that he could build the smart trash can within two days and that it offers a unique way of disposing of waste, motivating people to use it instead of littering.

In one of his post, a user commented:

"This is like Magic, I am amazed"

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Looking to the future

Lesley shared that the team's exciting new project is Airclicks 2.0. It is a device that will allow users to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind videos, and adjust the brightness of their computer screen without touching the computer.

Additionally, it can assist users in filling in passwords in public places, ensuring greater privacy and security.

“Creating the Air Clicks was a rigorous process. I had to learn a new language just to complete the project. I code in C, but it also needed Python, so I had to learn it.”

One of the major components of the Air Clicks are the ultrasonic sensors, which Lesley coded to take data from the environment.

However, Phython is needed to translate the data the ultrasonic sensors receive.

Within a month, he said he learnt Python and the ultrasonic sensors were able to take commands to perform a certain way when an obstacle was at a certain degree or distance.

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On his Instagram page, Lesley demonstrated how the Air Clicks can be used for various things, from replacing your TV remote to turning a regular laptop into a gesture-controlled device.

He believes this could be a very important device for the virtually impaired to walk freely and control gadgets.

Another invention is the gesture-controlled car that moves in any direction the user's hand moves.

"Our long term goals are to solve the world’s most pressing needs with our innovations and to inspire a lot of people.
"We plan to achieve that by increasing our output and pushing until what we want is finally exchanged for the energies we’ve lost."


Lesley opened up about his team's challenges, particularly in funding.

He explained that the team mainly uses the money they receive for food and transportation. Sometimes they have to walk or even go hungry for a while to save up for electronic components.

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Despite these difficulties, he emphasized that the team is driven by their passion and willingness to make sacrifices to bring their ideas to life.

His words:

"We love what we do and hope to make it a big business someday. Our small sacrifices are part of the journey."

Source: Legit.ng

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