17-Year-Old Says He Tried 26 Different Side Businesses And Found Best Ones Paying Up to $40,000 Daily

17-Year-Old Says He Tried 26 Different Side Businesses And Found Best Ones Paying Up to $40,000 Daily

  • A teenager has described how he earns up to $40,000 daily from side hustles he promotes on social media
  • Canden Boof, who is known as the king of TikTok said he has tried several side hustles until he found one
  • According to the 17-year-old he buys merchandise and resells them TikTok and makes a lot profit from them

Canden Boof is known as the king of TikTok side businesses.

The 17-year-old teenager is a self-starter and has gathered almost one million followers and 15.4 million views on TikTok.

On his TikTok account, he posts videos of himself testing out gigs he has seen others advertise on the platform.

Canden Boof, Dropshipping
Drop shipper, Canden Boof
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Began at an early age

According to Boof, he started testing the TikTok side business series a few years ago when he was 13 -14 years old. He said he loved watching people online show the different ways they make money.

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Boof said he was inspired to start his own business and hopes his videos can encourage other children to do the same.

He has tested using physical labour, like lawn-mowing in his neighbourhood and recovering and selling golf balls.

Others side businesses that brought him passive income was when he bought a gumball machine and placed it in a local store.

The 17-year-old posted 26 entries to the side hustle series of August 29, 2022, and stated that some have been profitable.

From earning cash, Boof said he made between $100 to $40,000 in one day.

Others, however, were a waste of his time, worked for hours, and never made any profit.

Dropshipping as a source of income

After going through the list of the side businesses he has tried, Boof said dropshipping was his best and most profitable side venture.

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According to him, all people of all ages can try the gig for themselves as they have a phone.

Dropshipping comes with some risks and involves spending your own money to start.

It involves the practice of operating an online storefront without owning or handling physical goods.

It is akin to print on demand, allowing sellers to advertise and profit from products they don't need to produce or deliver.

He advertised a pair of sunglasses he found via dropship, a website that lets possible merchants browse products they intend to sell.

After he bought a pair of sunglasses, he made a TikTok video to promote them and set up a TikTok ad account, paid to have videos advertise the glasses he promoted.

He also made a Shopify store selling the glasses for $16.99 and turned a profit on each sale since he only had to pay $5 to deliver each.

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After a few days of buying ads and selling sunglasses, he counted his revenue and costs for profits of $1,830 from dropshipping.

Not all rosy

The Sun reports that Canden made about $4,650 in sales, spent $1,450 on TikTok ads and paid $1,370 to the suppliers.

He generated $4,650 in sales, spent $1,450 on TikTok ads, and paid $1,370 to the product supplier.

He said one of the keys to success in dropshipping is treating it like a genuine business and building a nice brand around your product.

The king of TikTok said the side business is an attractive industry because of its scalability and because you can promote and sell multiple products at once without incurring major costs.

With time, he has scaled his dropshipping business up to $40,000 in a single day.

He warned that high profits are not the norm in the business, stating that drop shippers can make six to seven figures in a day but mostly won't earn daily.

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Caden said the most important factors for anyone trying to find suitable side gigs are scalability and enjoyability.

Top seven side businesses that will make extra income in 2022

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The Punch reports that PoS transactions were estimated at N5.77 trillion between July 2020 and July 2021.

The Punch reports that PoS transactions were estimated at N5.77 trillion between July 2020 and July 2021.

Source: Legit.ng

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