8 Side Hustles a Millionaire Says Can Earn You Extra Cash of Up N1 Million Monthly

8 Side Hustles a Millionaire Says Can Earn You Extra Cash of Up N1 Million Monthly

  • A man, Jeff Lerner. who makes millions of dollars from his financial education company recommends side businesses for those wishing to make money
  • According to him, he was a broke musician and owed huge sum of money but began side hustles that paid off his debts
  • He recommends some business ideas for those wishing to make extra income and says some can pay as much N1 million

According to Jeff Lerner, he went from being a broke musician to becoming a self-made millionaire. He said one of the keys he used was being able to grow his wealth through side hustles.

His side hustles, ranging from affiliate marketing to selling goods online to product testing, did not just pay off his colossal debt but made him enough money to begin his multimillion-dollar financial education firm, according to CNBC.

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Lerner said he has helped hundreds of clients take on highly lucrative business opportunities.

He recommends his favourite in-demand side businesses and where to find them.

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Make $500 every month selling stock photos

Those who love photography or have great photos can get paid to post them on stock photo platforms. The photos could be scenic travel photos or just regular photos shot every day that can be easily stored on phones.

Bloggers or online marketers are always searching for photos for their sites that comply with Copywrite regulations. Sites like Shutterstock and Depositphotos are always looking to expand their photo library of copyright-free images.

You can earn between $200 to $500 a month depending on the quality and quantity.

Audio transcribing

Good typists can earn up to $20 an hour transcribing audio and more if you have legal or medical experience.

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Sites like TranscribeMe allow users to cash in on the skill and earn as much or as little transcription work as they want. Users of Speakwrite get paid up to $5 to $6 per post with top earners which makes them about $3000 a month.

Renting out your car

For those who don’t drive their cars often, they can rent them out to drive to use on Uber, Bolt or other platforms. Sites like Turo and Getaround allow you do that.

Product testing and research studies

One woman earns from $3 to $500 testing products. There are sites like Survey Junkie that offer paid focus groups where participants can make up to $150 dollar an hour.

Selling unwanted things

If your storage locker is filled with old stuff you longer need, you can make cool cash from them. Old furniture, appliances or collectables can be disposed of on sites like OfferUp and eBay.

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Some sell old clothes on Poshmark and make as much as $5000 to $6000 monthly.

Writing CVs for others

If your friends come to you for resume and cover letters, think about starting a resume writing service. I recommend posting your services on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

You can start to build a track record and increase your rates over time. Sites like Writing Guru pay up $150 per hour and you can increase your rates up to $500.

Creating Playlists

People will pay for well-collected playlists and musicians and DJs want to get their work out there and pay to get songs on playlists.

Websites like PlaylistPush are made to help independent acts get their music out and let Spotify playlist curators and Youtube content creators make as much as $6 per track.

User testing

Sites like UserTesting and UserZoom allow users to download their testing software and record themselves with a webcam during the test.

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Site owners want to see and hear you interact with their websites. If you are thorough in your testing and provide feedback that the client finds useful, opportunities may come where live tests are required with clients in real time.

You can earn about $10 per 20 minutes of testing, or up to $60 for longer, live tests.

30-year-old-man who makes N75.2 million monthly in passive income gives 4 business ideas to start with N65k

Legit.ng reported that after going through a wave of rejections from prospective medical schools, Charly Chang began to search for a new career path.

He spent a few years making money as a model, tutoring and even working as a real estate agent.

However, in 2018, he began to post personal finance videos on YouTube. It was not fetching enough money, but in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic, as stimulus packages were released, the topic of personal finance and what they mean for people's purses began to attract attention.

Source: Legit.ng

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