Innoson, Kira, 6 Other Vehicles Produced in Africa and Their Owners

Innoson, Kira, 6 Other Vehicles Produced in Africa and Their Owners

  • Africans have relied on foreign cars for private and public transportation for a very long time
  • Innoson Vehicle from Nigeria, Birkin Cars from South Africa, and others are changing the narrative
  • The African car market is expected to reach $42.06 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 5.55% journalist Zainab Iwayemi has over 3-year-experience covering the Economy, Technology, and Capital Market

Streets across the African continent are full of imported cars from Europe, Asia, and America. While this has continued to be the case for a very long time, the narrative is fast changing as innovation is beginning to take shape in the region.

In Nigeria, the like of Innoson has demonstrated the possibility of Nigeria and African-made vehicles competing with the world’s.

Innoson Vehicle, Kira, 6 other cars made in African cars
The African car market is expected to reach $42.06 billion by 2027. Photo Credit: Innoson
Source: UGC

The company recently released newly mass-produced compressed natural gas buses in the country. The vehicles range from trucks, mini-buses, ambulances, and long buses.

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In recent times, a lot of Africans have begun to embrace locally-made vehicles hence, the prospect for the sector is high.

A report shows that the African car market was valued at $30.44 billion in 2021, and will expectedly reach $42.06 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 5.55% over the forecast period (2022 – 2027).

In addition to Innoson, here are the made-in-African cars that are changing the narrative;

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing - Nigeria

Located in Umudim, Nnewi, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company is a well-known Nigerian automaker.

It was established in 2007 by businessman Innocent Chukwuma, a native of Nigeria, and manufactures a variety of automobiles, including trucks, buses, and cars. Innoson is well-known for its initiatives to support homegrown production.

Laraki - Morocco

Abdesslam Laraki, a Moroccan designer and businessman who made his fortune by importing automobiles into Morocco in 1973, founded Laraki in 1999.

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Designed only as concept cars, Larakis are made for individual clients and were named among the most expensive cars in the world in 2015.

Laraki Automobiles created its first automobile, the Laraki Fulgura, in 2002. Its 2013 Laraki Epitome Concept sells for $2,000,000 and boasts a V8 engine, 1100 Horsepower (RPM), and a top speed estimated at 175 mph.

Birkin Cars - South Africa

This South African-based automaker, John Watson is among the oldest in the business, having been founded in 1982.

Birkin Cars, which is based in the US, Japan, and Europe, is well-known for producing exquisite replicas of vintage vehicles. The CS3 Clubman Series and the SS3 Street Series are two of their best-selling products.

Wallys Automobile – Tunisia

Zied and Omar Guiga, brothers, started Wallys Automobile, a Tunisian company, in 2006. It became the first Arab and African domestic company to ship cars to Europe.

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The company's global footprint has grown, and its cars are becoming more and more well-liked in places like Panama, Morocco, Spain, and Qatar.

Kiira Motors Corporation – Uganda

Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC), an automotive manufacturing company, was established in 2014 to promote value addition in Uganda's automotive industry. It was created by the government of Uganda and Makerere University.

The inventive Kayyoola Solar Bus, the effective Kiira EV Smack, and the Kiira EV POC—which has a sizable battery bank with a 40AH and 207V capacity—are among the vehicles in KMC's inventory.

Mobius Motors - Kenya

Mobius Motors was founded in 2010 by Joel Jackson to create, produce, and market automobiles specifically for the mass market in Africa.

The company produces affordable, effective cars that can compete with imports, which now control the majority of the East African automobile market, by using simpler design concepts.

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Kantanka Automobile - Ghana

Kantanka Automobile is a premium car manufacturer, designer, assembler, and retailer with headquarters in Ghana.

In 1998, the company changed its emphasis from manufacturing car components to constructing entire vehicles. A wide variety of models are available, such as Omama Pickup, Omama Hard Body, Onantefo, Mehsah, K71, and Amoanimaah.

SNVI - Algeria

SNVI is an Algerian company that was founded in 1967 and specialises in the production of trucks, buses, and semi-trailers.

The company exports its goods to several countries, such as Libya, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. SNVI plans to produce 6,000 cars a year like it did in the 1980s.

First Electric Vehicle Trucks Launched in Nigeria, to Rival Innoson, Others

Lafarge Africa Plc, a provider of innovative and sustainable building solutions, has launched an electric vehicle (EV) truck into its supply chain fleet, reported.

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According to the company, in a report by This Day, this marks the first of its kind in Africa and is made possible by cooperation with Tolaram.

It added that the development highlights Lafarge Africa’s steadfast dedication to environmentally friendly operations and creative solutions.


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