21 Africa Countries With The Highest Cattle Population And Beef Production

21 Africa Countries With The Highest Cattle Population And Beef Production

  • The global meat consumption has increased in recent times have seen a massive growth in recent times
  • According to report, Africa parades some of the highest beef producers and consumers in the world
  • Nigeria joins the population in Africa with over 20 million cattle heads and is also in pole position to become a top dairy producer

Africa parades one of the highest beef consumers in the world and by extension, the highest milk producers and eaters.

The soaring demand for beef, milk and by-products has created a massive global market. This accounts for the reason cows are over-priced in some countries on the continent.

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Growing beef and dairy market

Business Insider report, which quoted Statista said the global beef industry is valued at $395.22 billion as of 2021 and is projected to grow to $604.34 billion by 2029.

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Also, the global dairy market is valued at $827.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to become a $1 trillion industry by 2026.

The huge market opportunities in the cattle industry make cattle rearing attractive and have stimulated interest with researchers who wants to know the number of cattle herds on the African continent.

Nigeria among top producers of dairy in Africa

According to Statista, a German-based data company, some countries in Africa with the highest number of cattle heads also produce the highest number of bye-products.

Reports say that in 2020, the number of cattle and buffaloes in Nigeria was 20.7 million thousand heads. The number of cattle and buffaloes in Nigeria increased from 9.2 million thousand heads in 1971 to 20.7 million thousand heads in 2020 growing at an average yearly rate of 1.70%.

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Top African countries with the highest cattle population

  • Ethiopia: 70.3 million herds of cattle.
  • Chad: 32.2 million herds of cattle.
  • Sudan: 31.8 million herds of cattle
  • Tanzania; 28.3 million herds of cattle
  • Kenya: 21.7 million herds of cattle
  • Nigeria; 20.7 million herds of cattle
  • Niger:16.1 million herds of cattle
  • Uganda: 15.5 million herds of cattle
  • South Sudan: 13.8 million herds of cattle
  • Mali: 12.5 million herds of cattle
  • South Africa:12.3 million herds of cattle.

Major African countries with the highest beef production

  • South Africa: 1,038.7 metric tonnes of beef.
  • Tanzania: 486.7 metric tonnes of beef.
  • Chad: 472.9 metric tonnes of beef.
  • Ethiopia: 433 metric tonnes of beef.
  • Sudan: 389.4 metric tonnes of beef.
  • Nigeria: 326.4 metric tonnes of beef.
  • Egypt: 310.6 metric tonnes of beef.
  • Morocco: 282 metric tones of beef.
  • Kenya: 244.2 metric tones of beef.
  • Zambia: 199 metric tones of beef.

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Source: Legit.ng

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