For Florence Atunwa 4 Years Nurturing Nigeria's Next Generation Of Digital Talent Have Been An Exciting One

For Florence Atunwa 4 Years Nurturing Nigeria's Next Generation Of Digital Talent Have Been An Exciting One

Florence Atunwa Olumodimu is a Marketing Communications expert, image and personal branding consultant, digital marketing strategist, speaker, and trainer who is passionate about using the digital space for common good.

Known affectionately as the #ContentNinja! She is Digify Africa's Program Director in Nigeria.

In this interview with, she shares her 20 years’ journey from a top brand manager to helping young unemployed graduates find their path.

Who is Florence Atunwa Olumodimu?

I am a Marketing Communications consultant that has worked with a variety of groups, including young, women, SMEs, schools, government parastatals, and foreign organizations, to name a few. I have largely worked on projects that grow brands while also having a social effect and relevance.

She has actively engaged on initiatives in ICT, youth development, knowledge transfer, and branding of businesses of all kinds during the previous eight years.

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I have over 24 years of expertise in marketing communications, leadership, image management, branding, project management, strategic planning, and business development, to name a few.

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Florence is also a woman who is committed to supporting female businesses and young Nigerians with marketing communications, company growth, career development, and personal branding. She is a marketing communications consultant and the founder of the Lagos-based Life Developers Network (LDN), as well as the Nigerian program director for Digify Africa, a South African non-profit organisation.

Florence Atunwa's 4 Years Of Nurturing Nigeria's Next Generation Of Digital Talent Have Been An Exciting One
Graduates educated on a free digital skills program
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What encouraged you to become involved in various youth empowerment programmes?

After years of working in totally commercial organizations. I am now driven by working with impact-driven projects by social impact organisations. I am driven by my desire to make a difference and my passion inspires excellence.

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Challenges so far?

The toughest aspects of my work now are creating awareness and looking for sources of funding and partnerships for initiatives I work on.

How are you trying to meet your objectives to help youths become better in society?

In my current role as Program Director in Nigeria for Digify Africa, my biggest challenge is scaling up on the project so that the impact can be even more widespread and give access to more graduates.

The DigifyPro Project supported by Facebook is a very specialized initiative that is an intensive digital skill boot camp that runs full-time over 8-10 weeks. By virtue of the type of project it is, we are unable to admit too many graduates per cohort. The COVID pandemic caused us to adapt the program to an online format. This has enabled us to increase the number of cohort participants and allowed participants to join from more cities across Nigeria.

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How many graduates have benefited from the programme?

Since we started in 2018, We now have 270 graduates of DigifyPro young smart Nigerians. We have CampusPro too where we are taking free digital skills to undergraduates. 70 so far have gone through the programme.

What would you say is fulfilment for you in the next five years?

In the next five years, I hope to have influenced thousands of Nigerian graduates with re-skilling and digital skills, and to have placed as many of them as possible in new professions in top companies across the country and around the world.

I also hope to increase the number of individuals who participate in our programs, establish additional partnerships for the recruitment of our graduates, and finally, develop a digital skill and introduction to coding project for secondary school children while they are still young.

Reason for career path?

The fourth industrial revolution changes the way we live and work due to the adoption of technology in every aspect of our livelihoods.

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My journey into the digital world was deliberate and inevitable. I have always been tech-savvy but I also knew that with the world fast becoming a global village and the advent of the the-internet-of-things, it was important to get certifications and update my skills to be relevant for the 4th industrial revolution.

Final words:

I’d like to appeal to the private sector and government to partner with not-for-profits doing laudable social impact based initiatives to help scale up the total number of people benefiting from initiatives implemented for the people.

Organizations needing digital talent can contact me to explore hiring from our pool of certified digital marketers:

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