Step-by-step guide on completing NYSC certificate number verification

Due to the circulation of fake NYSC certificates, the National Youth Service Corps has developed a means of checking and curbing this menace through the verification of NYSC certificate number. This post will show you the guidelines on how to do your NYSC certificate verification.

What is NYSC certificate number?

The NYSC certificate number is the number that is written in the top right-hand corner of your NYSC certificate below the year of your service. This number starts with A00. This number is different from your NYSC call-up number or your discharge number. Very often there are situations when this number has to be verified. You must know that it can be verified by the National Youth Service Corps only.

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Guidelines for NYSC certificate number verification

  1. Certificate of National Service
  2. Certificate of Exemption
  3. Letter of Exclusion

Other important things you need to take note of

Do not forget to provide your email address, your telephone number and your contact address (make sure that the address is traceable) on the letter you are submitting.

If you need to make verification of your NYSC certificate number, now you know the procedure. You should be prepared that the question about the authenticity of your NYSC certificate can come up if the employer wants to verify if your document is not fake. You should be able to provide the employer with the verified NYSC certificate number just to be on the safe side.

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