10 Reasons Fashola Must Not Fail As Works Minister

10 Reasons Fashola Must Not Fail As Works Minister

The minister of power, works and housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola has been given one of the most difficult appointments of his political career. He has to make sure things work properly in the 3 ministries. Focusing on the works ministry, Fashola must not fail to put his intelligence into actions.


10 Reasons Fashola Must Not Fail As Works Minister
Babatunde Fashola heads the ministry of power, works and housing under the Buhari's government

Fashola has been known to be a man who ensures he dots his i's and crosses his t's. The former governor of Lagos state never gets tired of actualising his plans to the latter.

When Fashola was governor for eight years, he put in a lot of efforts in seeing that more than 60% of the streets and roads in the state where either renovated or properly maintained. Nigerians are optimistic that with all these credentials, Fashola must not fail in giving the federal roads a face lift for some of these reasons

1. Buhari needs him to succeed

President Muhammadu Buhari sees the triple minister as his new Tunde Idiagbon. If the former governor of Lagos state fails, invariably, Buhari's government has failed. There are high hopes on Fashola to make sure almost all the federal roads are put in shape from now till 2019.

2. Perception of Fashola as a performer

There is a general notion by a good number of Nigerians that Fashola knows how to turn a poor state into a wealthy one. Some of the things he did as a governor on Lagos roads is a case that he must not fail to deliver.

3. High expectations of Nigerians

From North to South or from West to East of the country, people are hitching to see how Fashola will perform. There is also an air of optimism that the minister of power, works and housing will not be a calamity at the end of the day.

4. The works ministry, an achilles heel of previous ministers

Will Fashola succeed where others failed? This is a big question. During the government of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the minister of works then, Chief Tony Anenih could not achieve anything. He was even alleged to have stolen Naira 500 billion meant for road project. The Benin-Ore road was even worse when he left. From Adeseye Ogunlewe to Mike Onolememen, none of them achieved up to 30% in office. It seems they were all enveloped by the execution of the ministry's huge projects.

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5. The political row Fashola’s ministerial nomination generated

Before Fashola was even nominated as a minister, there were hues and cries from some quarters of the country. While some people supported his nomination, others were against it. Thus, this is the best time for the former governor to prove his critics wrong.

6. Fashola’s primary constituency

Lagosians are all behind the minister of power, works and housing. He must not falter. Fashola should keep this at the back of his mind. This also should be a motivating factor for him to do well.

7. What the political future holds

Some sections of the country are already making a projection of what the political future holds for Fashola. They believe he has the knowledge and experience to even become the country's future president after the presidency rotates to the South. Also, Fashola can make or mar his political future based on his performance at the end of the day.

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8. Fashola is not a nobody

Anybody who believes Fashola is a political feather-weight should have a re-think. This is because just like his principal, President Muhammadu Buhari, he is a man of high integrity and discipline.

9. The sorry state of federal roads

The poor state of Nigerian roads should be declared as state of emergency. The federal roads especially the East-West roads in the Eastern parts of the country are in a pitiable state. Even, the renovation of the popular Lagos-Ibadan expressway is yet to be completed.

10. The connection between Fashola’s time as a governor and now as a minister

There is a strong link between Fashola's time as a minister now and when he was a governor. This is because he left office on May 29 this year as a governor. This means that he is still fresh which is a big advantage to him. Thus, it is just like he is continuing in office as a governor

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