Our Credibility Level Is Nose Diving, NNPC Boss Cries Out

Our Credibility Level Is Nose Diving, NNPC Boss Cries Out

The authorities of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) are greatly disturbed by the public perception of the organization.

Group Managing Director of the corporation, Engineer Andrew Yakubu, says public perception of the organization may affect its ability to attract Foreign Direct Investment.

Yakubu spoke to reporters in Abuja during a dinner.

“We cannot do this business without Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), without foreign participation. Our credibility level is going down very fast. And unfortunately, it is based on perception,” he said.

He added: “If we continue at this rate, I am going to tell you something that is very bad. I will ask all of you that if you continue to destroy our economy this way, then pray never to give birth to children because those children are coming to suffer the outcome of our terrible destructive attitudes.

“Because it will be difficult for anybody to invest in this country if we continue to destroy our country’s perception. If you are talking of corruption, mention anywhere you don’t have any iota of corruption. But what they do, is that you do it but the law will catch up you one.”

He described corruption as endemic in the country and recalled that when he decided not to influence his daughter’s employment in NNPC his kinsmen said it was a ploy to refuse to assist them.

Yakubu noted that “if that is the situation, if you are there and you are not celebrated back home and you don’t do it, is it NNPC that is corrupt? Then we may need to go for a total national cleansing and deliverance.”

He challenged Nigerians to point out specific cases of corruption for the NNPC to correct.

Asked why the corporation is perceived as corrupt, the NNPC Group MD absolved his team of sharp practices, stressing that oil production and revenue remittance are monitored by different agencies such as the Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Customs Service, Department of Petroleum Resources and Weight & Measure of Office, the Central Bank of Nigeria and others.

He claimed that sadly, NNPC bears the blame in all Nigerian petroleum related matters.

“So I would appeal that if you have any specific case, bring it out, then we will be able to correct it. But we cannot continue when we build you destroy and we will start building. I think we will not be fair.

Source: Legit.ng

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