DRAMA, BLACKOUT As Nominees Undergo Screening

DRAMA, BLACKOUT As Nominees Undergo Screening

The Senate today, October 27, conducted another round of ministerial screening as six nominees answered question raised on the floor of the House. 


Legit.ng recalls that a little drama took centre stage at the last ministerial screening exercise after former governor of Rivers state Rotimi Amaechi kept PDP senators mum as he answered questions.

In a similar vein, there was a mild drama today when one of the ministerial nominees, Pastor Usani Uguru Usani responsed to a question where he was asked if he has worked with any PDP senators.

Usani's response: "God Forbid", was however greeted with extreme repugnance among the PDP senators. But the ministerial nominee was quick to tender an apology for his remark.

In all, 31 ministerial nominees have been screened while 18 have been confirmed as ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The 18 confirmed ministers are: Udoma Udo Udoma (Akwa Ibom state), Kayode Fayemi (Ekiti state), Audu Ogbeh (Benue state), Ogbonnaya Onu (Ebonyi state), Osagie Ehanire (Edo state), Abdulrahman Dambazau (Kano state), Lai Mohammed (Kwara state), Amina J Mohammed (Gombe state), Suleiman Adamu (Jigawa state) and Ibrahim Jibril (Nasarawa state), Babatunde Fashola (Lagos state), Dr. Ibe Kachikwu (Delta state), Abubakar Malami (Kebbi state), Chris Ngige (Anambra state), Aisha Jummai Alhassan (Taraba state), Solomon Dalong (Plateau state), Kemi Adeosun (Ogun state), Hadi Sirika (Katsina state).

DRAMA, BLACKOUT As Nominees Undergo Screening
Senate president Bukola Saraki walks into the Red Chamber

Legit.ng was live at the Red Chamber to bring you minute-by-minute account of the screening exercise. Read our coverage below:


16:20: After announcing the progress and resolutions that took place in the Committee of Whole, Senate President Bukola Saraki adjourns plenary session till tomorrow, October 28.

16:19: The Senate moves back to plenary after completing the ministerial screening exercise.

16:17: After answering questions raised on the floor of the House, Pastor Usani Usani, former APC chairman in Cross River, is told to take a bow and go. He shakes the hand of Senator Akpabio as he leaves.

16:13: Senator Ohuabunwa raises a Point of Order on the veracity of the nominee being and the loopholes in the tax receipts of Pastor Uguru eliciting loud rebuttals from APC senators but Senate President rules him Out of Order.

16:12: The power outage lasted just 10 minutes as the lights are back!

16:10: Usani says: "He hasn't joined three parties in four years." 

16:07: More questions for Pastor Usani

16:02: There is presently a power outage in Nigeria Senate, but the screening exercise is still on-going.

16:00: Senator Abaribe raises a Point of Order on Assets. He says the Nominee Uguru hasn't declared his assets. However, Senate President Saraki dismisses the order stating that all nominees have submitted their security, asset clearance and rules.

15:53: Usani says: "We need to address all the policies on Environment and there is the need for continuous dialogues on boundaries."

15:48: Usani on Kidnapping: "Some people do the unthinkable to earn a living. Kidnappers are initiated or co opted by taking advantage of their idleness."

15:45: A little drama unfold as Minority Leader Senator Godswill Akpabio stands to criticize Pastor Usani Uguru's response to a question where he was asked if he has worked with any PDP senators. Usani's response: "God Forbid" was greeted with extreme repugnance among the PDP senators. Usani is however quick to tender an apology for his remark.

15:38: Usani Uguru is being quizzed by Senators.

15:33: Pastor Usani Usani Uguru (Cross River state) is asked to introduce himself.

DRAMA, BLACKOUT As Nominees Undergo Screening
Pastor Usani Usani Uguru undergoing screening

15:30: After answering few questions Brigadier Mansur Mohammed Dan'ali (rtd) (Zamfara state) is told to bow and go. Last ministerial nominee to be screened today is Pastor Usani Usani Uguru.

15:23: Dan Ali says: "Deadline in the military like the December dead line on tackling insurgency is progressive."

15:16: Dan Ali says: "Nigeria soldiers are among the best soldiers in the world if well taken care of."

15:15: Dan Ali says: "Every leader must have three qualities to be a military leader. They are Intergrity, Honesty and Transparency."

15:13: Dan Ali is now being asked questions by Distinguished Senators.

15:07: Dan Ali is asked to introduce himself.

DRAMA, BLACKOUT As Nominees Undergo Screening
Dan Ali undergoing ministerial screening

15:05: After answering series of questions Zainab Ahmed (Kaduna state) is told to bow and go. Next to be screened is Brigadier Mansur Mohammed Dan'ali (rtd) (Zamfara state).

15:02: Ahmed says: "Accountants must be transparent and accountable in all our dealings to promote anti-corruption stance."

14:56: More questions for Zainab Ahmed.

14:55: Ahmed says: "If we unify to fight corruption and impunity, we will not continue to have unemployment."

14:53: Ahmed says: "I am pained about the kidnap of the Chibok Girls. I will however suggest we push and support the fight against Boko Haram which the President has already started."

14:50: Ahmed is asked to pledge her loyalty to Nigeria and she goes ahead to recite the NATIONAL PLEDGE.

14:44: More questions for Zainab Ahmed.

14:42: Ahmed says: "There is corruption in Nigeria like every other country, but the problem with ours is impunity."

14:38: Ahmed says: "The role of tax in development is fundamental. Tax is very important."

14:36: Ahmed says: "The Oil and Gas sector has enough leakages. One of the leakages is the management of our oil refineries."

14:30: Ahmed is now being quizzed by Senators.

DRAMA, BLACKOUT As Nominees Undergo Screening
Zainab Ahmed undergoing screening

14:21: Zainab Shamshuna Ahmed is asked to introduce herself.

14:20: After answering series of question, Geoffrey Onyeama (Enugu state) is told to take a bow and go. Next to be screened is Zainab Ahmed (Kaduna state).

14:17: Onyeama says: "Prison should be a place where prisoners cannot be reformed."

14:15: Onyeama says: "Our Justice system shouldn't be only about penalizing."

14:10: More questions for Onyeama.

14:02: Onyeama says: "I worked closely with late Bola Ige."

14:00: Onyeama says: "Nigeria is country that is deeply respected. With all my years of touring, I don't have the passport of any other country except my country. This is because I believe in my country."

DRAMA, BLACKOUT As Nominees Undergo Screening
Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu and Senate Leader Ali Ndume watch on as Geoffrey Onyeama answers question raised on the floor of the House.

13:55: Onyeama says: "One of the ways of resuscitating the economy is investing in roads development. The regulatory framework of the Nigeria Capital Market has to be strong which will bring in more investors."

13:42: Onyeama is now being quizzed by senators.

13:30: Geoffrey Onyeama (Enugu state) is asked to introduce himself by Senate President Bukola Saraki

DRAMA, BLACKOUT As Nominees Undergo Screening
Geoffrey Onyeama undergoing screening

13:25: After responding to Saraki's only question Abubakar Bawa Bwari is told to bow and go. Next to be screened is Geoffrey Onyeama.

12:23: Bwari says: "Right now I cannot say exactly what I will do, I have to go in first to see the areas that needs to be touched. We need to look at the master plan and see the areas that need to be developed. There are some areas in the FCT that harbour hoodlums, we need to look into all that."

13:22: Senate President Bukola Saraki throws a poser to Abubakar Bawa Bwari. Saraki to Bwari: "If you are given FCT, can you share with us your own ideas that you will implement in that sector."

13:20: Abubakar Bawa Bwari says: "We have an opportunity to build our country to the dreams of our children and the expectations of our allies."

13:15: Abubakar Bawa Bwari says: "You don't need a jersey to serve your country." 

13:10: Abubakar Bawa Bwari reads out his accomplishments and speaks about his knowledge of the round leather game, Football.

13:06: Abubakar Bawa Bwari (Niger state) is asked to introduce himself.

DRAMA, BLACKOUT As Nominees Undergo Screening
Abubakar Bawa Bwari undergoing ministerial screening

13:04: After answering several questions raised on the floor of the House for more than one hour, Professor Isaac Adewole (Osun state) is asked to bow and leave. Next to be screened in Abubakar Bawa Bwari who replaced Musa Ibeto after President Buhari withdrew his nomination.

13:01: Adewole says: "If I am made Minister of Health, I will make sure the MRO Project in your state doesn't rot.

13:00: Adewole on delivery in Churches: "Quite a number of things are fundamentally wrong, people believe in other forces. "bout 40 to 60% women in Nigeria give birth to children without adequate supervision, Some women cannot afford delivery fees in hospitals, we need to partner with Churches to ensure safety. Some health institutions charge as much as 20 to 30,000 for child delivery. We need to train more midwives."

12:50: More questions for Professor Isaac Adewole

12:49: Adewole on Doctors and Housemanship: "What we need is a connection between Health and Education."

12:46: Adewole says: "As a teacher and a professor, I tell my students that your certificate is a visa, it will not get you your flight ticket. Your skill will get you your flight ticket."

12:45: Adewole says: "The funding system in the university is uneven and anti-development. So in term of the funding dynamics, things must change."

12:35: More questions for Professor Isaac Adewole.

12:33: Adewole says: "No doctor should leave school wothout being I.T compliant."

12:29: Adewole on privatisation of primary care: "If there is enough funding, there should be no need for privatization."

12:28: Adewole says: "We need a health management information robust system." 

12:26: Adewole says: "We need to build an incentive into our health care system. It is happening in Kwara, Ondo & Adamawa states."

12:25: Adewole on Nigerians leaving the country: "Every human being seeks for greener pastures. What we need to do is improve our environment."

12:24: Adewole says: 'The issue of brain-drain is complex and not just peculiar to Nigeria."

12:21: More questions for Professor Isaac Adewole

12:19: Adewole says: "We can reduce the rate of Infant Mortality and Maternal Mortality to an acceptable rate."

12:17: Adewole says: "What we need is a well updated, well upgraded and a well functional Health Care System. About 60% of Nigerians go to private clinics, we need to regulate the Health Care System in Nigeria."

12:15: Adewole says: "We need to include Public Health Education in everything we do."

12:14: Adewole says: "I am one of those who believe that leadership cannot be stolen or grabbed." 

12:13: Adewole says: "Prostrate Cancer is the leading form of cancer among men."

12:12: Adewole says: "Spontaneous abortions occur because the pregnancy is deformed."

12:08: More questions for Professor Isaac Adewole.

12:07: Adewole on being an Activist: "I still remain an Activist, the only thing that has changed is that I am more matured."

12:06: Adewole on Abortion: "Lots of women die from abortion, we need to create a sexual education to enlighten these girls to make them sin no more."

12:04: Adewole on Cancer: "People need to understand cancer, we can manage it if we do. Though we have cancer among young ones, but cancer is a disease of the old age."

12:02: Adewole on Cutlism: "We should look at intelligence methods and also enlightened parents. It worked for us at University of Ibadan."

12:00: Adewole says: "We need to put money in Education. We need to recognize Education as Vital to the Economy."

11:58: Adewole says: "We need to follow through that University are well funded and staff motivated."

11:55: Adewole says: "I have dedicated my life into preventing issues such as maternal mortality, infant mortality. I promise to serve with patriotism and commitment; I shall bring my modest experience to serve."

11:50: Professor Adewole is now being quizzed by Senators.

DRAMA, BLACKOUT As Nominees Undergo Screening
Professor Isaac Adewole undergoing screening.

11:44: Saraki asks Professor Adewole to introduce himself.

11:42: First to be screened today is Professor Isaac Folorunso Adewole (Osun state). He is the immediate past Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan.

11:40: After discussing other matters, the Senate moves into the committee of a whole to commence the ministerial screening. Six nominees will be screened today. They will be screened in this order: Isaac Folorunso, Bawa Bwari, Geoffrey Onyeama, Zainab Ahmed, Dan Ali, Usani Uguru

11:17: Senate Leader Ali Ndume and Clerk of the Senate moves ahead for the Presentation of Six (6) Bills facing their respective First Readings as the Senate discuss other matters before the ministerial screening commences.

11:15: Speaking outside the Red Chamber, Senator Babajide Omoworare, chairman committee Rules and Business said: "Six nominees will be screened today, while the remaining five will be taken tomorrow. At the conclusion of the ministerial screening on Wednesday, October 28, the Senate can then focus on the screening of the INEC chairman and the five INEC commissioners."

11:10: Senate President Bukola Saraki welcomes students of Akwa-Ibom State University who are present in the gallery to observe Senate Proceedings.

11:08: Saraki reads an announcement from President Buhari for an appointment of National Population Commission.

11:05: Senate Whip Senator Adeyeye calls for order, urges the distinguished senators to take their respective seats.

10:59: Saraki takes the Official Prayer for the day.

10:55: The Senate President Bukola Saraki has arrived. He exchanges hand shakes with distinguished Senators as he makes his way to his seat.

10:45: Some Distinguished Senators already seated in the gallery as the atmosphere is calm going into today's ministerial screening.


Source: Legit.ng

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