The Craziest Thing A Fan Has Ever Done To Me - Adunni Ade

The Craziest Thing A Fan Has Ever Done To Me - Adunni Ade

Fast rising Nollywood actress Adunni Ade in an interview with spoke on the lifestyle tips that have shaped her life as well as the craziest and nicest things her fans have done to her.

The Craziest Thing A Fan Has Ever Done To Me - Adunni Ade
Actress Adunni Ade


She said: "I am very prayerful, I think I am.  I could be better than that but I pray. I mind my own business. I don’t dabble into other people’s affairs because it has nothing to do with me. I spend time focusing on my own life and how to better myself. I work hard in everything I do, I don’t take nothing for granted. Also, I want be better than I was yesterday, so that drive, focus, determination is all there for me.”

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She added that nobody should try to imitate her lifestyle because most of what people see is not real and she is only paid to do the job.

The Craziest Thing A Fan Has Ever Done To Me - Adunni Ade

She said: “Please, do not be like Adunni Ade, be better than Adunni Ade. (No matter) what it is you want to do in life, if it is entertainment or just the regular jobs we have out there, never compromise yourself to fit someone else’s standard. Be true to yourself, work hard and everything else will follow.”

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She said the craziest thing a fan has ever done to her was to ask her out on a date.

Nothing out of the ordinary, maybe chasing after you, screaming, pulling... And a lot of them, they sha want to marry. Can I get your number? Shall we go out on a date? But at the same time I think they do all these normal things to a normal person.”

On the highest form of love a fan has showered on her, she said: “Sending me prayers, actually, praying for me, that means a lot to me, for someone to take out their time and pray for someone else because everyone is worried about themselves, how to get more blessings from God, but for a person to go out their way to pray for you, that means a lot to me.”

The American born actress graduated from the University of Kentucky where she studied accounting before relocating to Nigeria with her two children.


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