Gowon Urges Nigerians To Be Patient With Leaders

Gowon Urges Nigerians To Be Patient With Leaders

General Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria's former head of state has said his experience after governing the country showed that Nigeria is not an easy country to lead.


Nigerian Tribune reports that the former head of state said this when he visited the Awolowo family on a condolence visit In Ikene on Thursday, October 15.

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Gowon noted that Nigeria being a country of diverse ethnic groups and various interests required time to fix. He urged the people to be patient with the leaders.

Gowon said in order to improve the situation of things; Nigerians must make their demand known to the president. He said managing the country for nine years was not an easy feat.

He said: “Whenever any government comes in, give it time to be able to really put things right. Nigeria is not an easy country to govern.

 “I can assure there are as many problems as there are Nigerians in the world, and everybody wants to do things in a particular way, in his own way and probably, in his own interest.

 “And you think of that, how are you are going to get all that put together and put things right? I think we have got to be patient and then, we have to cooperate with the government to do the right thing.”

He noted that his experience was not easy as he thought he would be able to fix things in three months.

 “Let me tell you this; it was not easy. When I became head of state, I hoped that three months, six months at most, we would be done.

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 “But when you have problems in a nation, it is not easy to solve them overnight. So, you have always got to give time and you have got to be patient for leaders to be able to get things in order.”

HID Awolowo, the wife of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo passed away on Saturday, September 19 at the ago of 99.

Source: Legit.ng

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