Interview With P-Square, Damasus, Tatafo, Others: Know How Your Favourite Celebrity Celebrates Val's Day

Interview With P-Square, Damasus, Tatafo, Others: Know How Your Favourite Celebrity Celebrates Val's Day

Nigerian celebrities, like their counterparts in other parts of the world, have concluded plans to celebrate today’s St. Valentines Day, otherwise known as Lovers’ Day, in a memorable way.


Some of them said it is also their priority to educate fans on the true relevance of the day. 

Friday morning that “I’m already with my wife and kids. We will be busy later in the day, but it is very important to spend precious time with your family first.

We will also make donations to some less previleged people later, because that is the real essence of Val’s Day.”

Paul Okoye, Peter’s twin brother, also said: “I have been with my family since yesterday (Thursday), and early this morning, I composed a special song for my wife and son. She also gave me a gift in return.

I felt this is very necessary to do before we get busy for shows. After all, we work in order to make our family happy.”

There have been misconceptions on the true meaning of St. Valentine’s Day. While some people are of the opinion that it is a day to hang out with partners at bars, clubs and other fun havens, others believe it is a day meant to show love to everybody, the less privileged people in particular.

Helen Paul, a.k.a. Tatafo

Popular female comedian, Helen Paul, a.k.a. Tatafo, said that it is a special day for people to show love and share with their fellow human beings.

The idea is to make someone or people happy, as the case may be and in your own little way.

“That is why I’m organising a free show tagged Singles Night Out With Helen Paul & Stars tonight. It is an all night show, and the purpose is to let the youths understand that spending the night with your sex partner is not the best way to celebrate the St. Valentines Day.

Despite being a free show, there will be performances from the likes of Tee A, Yinka Davies, Elenu, Basorge, Koffi and KSB among others. It’s my own little way of making my fans happy this season,” Helen stated.

Stella Damasus

Beautiful actress, Stella Damasus, said though she is currently in the United States of America, her mind is with fans and the youths in Nigeria- the ladies in particular.

“That is why I have been communicating with them through my Stella Damasus Diary on YouTube. It is a day that calls for sober reflection; forgive those who have offended you and show love to the needy.”

J Martins

The award-winning entertainer, whose wife was delivered of a baby boy on Tuesday last week, said the most memorable way to celebrate the Lovers’ Day is to be with his lovely wife and son, Jason.

“There can’t be a better way for me to celebrate the Val than being with my wife and carry my little son. So, I’m on my way to meet them in the US. We will also visit some loved ones in the country as well,” J Martins said.

Terry G

Energetic music producer and singer, Terry G, simply said: “There is nothing like spending the day with your family. As a busy musician, I will go out later for shows, but will first spend precious time with my wife and son.”

Doris Simeon

Leading Nollywood actress Doris Simeon said that she is devoting today to the widows whom she said deserve all the love that one can give.

“I am on my way to Ikorodu to donate gift items to some widows. I will be devoting today which has been tagged ‘Lovers’ Day’ to them,” Doris explained.

When asked if there is going to be a special romantic dinner date today, Doris said: Special romantic dinner date? Kilo njebe? I have that on a regular basis. So why tonight? As I have told you, those widows are my Valentines,” she declared.

Belinda Effah

To fast rising Belinda Effah, she would be devoting the day to as many people as she could reach.

“I started my day with God for God is Love. I will be spending most of my day working and tending to my business. Reach out to as many people as I can to share the love,” Effah, AMAA’s Best New actress said.

Beverly Naya

Beverly Naya, London-returnee actress, who has featured in many romantic movies said she is expecting a romantic Valentine as she will be spending the evening at Eko Hotel and Suites.

“I am busy working right now but will surely have a romantic dinner. I haven’t received any Chocolate or gift now but I am sure it will come later and I will end up at Eko Hotel and Suites for a lovely concert happening there tonight,” the sultry actress said.

Contemporary Highlife singer, Flavour Nabinia, simply said a happy Valentine to all his fans as he will be busy doing gigs today.

“I am for real. To all my fans, I love you guys and happy valentine’s day,” he said.

Chelsea Eze

Former beauty queen and actress Chelsea Eze said she has a romantic dinner date with her boyfriend to celebrate the day.

According to the actress, just as she is being showered with love, she will also extend same to the less privileged in the society who seemingly lack love in their life.

“I won’t want to be selfish as I will be paying visits to some orphanages and remand homes in Lagos to show love through gifts and spend some time with them,” Chelsea said.

Anita Efe Julius

Anita Efe Julius said: “Every day is my Valentine. I don’t really see any big deal in vals. But I am just going to celebrate the day with friends and family.”

Aisha Abimbola

Top Yoruba movie actress, Aisha Abimbola said it will be a special Valentine’s Day for her. “I’m starting with my family and later join some of my colleagues tonight for a party on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi.It is sure going to be a splendid day for me,” Aisha said.

The Movie Ambassadors

Meanwhile, The Movie Ambassadors, a new group of young actors and actresses in the Yoruba movie sector, said they will be celebrating the lovers’ day with a special party tonight at the Ember Creek, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Tagged “An Evening of Celebration of Peace, Love and Unity with The Movie Ambassadors”, the party, which has been generating buzz in the last two weeks is being coordinated by


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