Brave 6-Year-Old Kelly Tellez Escapes Harm

Brave 6-Year-Old Kelly Tellez Escapes Harm

Houston, United States - Police have apprehended a man who abducted a 6-year-old girl after she outsmarted him.

Kelly Tellez was kidnapped from her apartment complex by a 23-year-old Joaquin Ramos on Wednesday. On Thursday, the kidnapper was arrested at a local hospital where his pregnant wife was in labor.

According to the police, Kelly's mother was busy outside, and the little girl went to look at some ice on the nearby fence. Ramos stopped his silver Jeep Cherokee, forced the child into the backseat and took off.

The girl's mother attempts to chase the abductor proved to be futile. After several hours, Ramos was captured on a surveillance camera entering a local store with the abducted girl. There, according to the police, he told her he would go to the bathroom and instructed her to do the same.

There, the 6-year-old told a stranger that she had been kidnapped. The customer informed the store manager who rescued Kelly Tellez. However, Ramos was able to escape.

The suspect's relatives saw photos of him and his vehicle in the news that night and contacted investigators with information on Ramos' whereabouts. On Thursday, police officers apprehended Ramos at the hospital where his wife had just given birth hours earlier.

Ramos allegedly confessed to kidnapping the girl. He could not provide a motive to the crime.

Kelly's aunt said her sister lost her husband in an accident just a few months ago, and if she were to lose her daughter she would be completely devastated.



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