Jonathan - The Savior Of North - Maku

Jonathan - The Savior Of North - Maku

Information minister, Labaran Maku, claimed that President Jonathan was the best thing to have happened to the North of the country and blasted the former presidents from the North and leaders in that part of Nigeria.

Speaking on this issue in Kaduna on Tuesday, he said that Jonathan had developed the North more than past leaders of the region since independence.

According to Maku, the North should blame its past leaders and not the Jonathan for the underdevelopment of the region.

Maku turned to northerners saying they should be grateful for the efforts Jonathan makes to provide infrastructure for the region.

He said,

The official underlined role of the current administration in development of the North. Moreover, he said he was ready to debate with anyone on this and to back it up with facts.

Another extract from Maku's speech reads,

Later on the official referred to some of the major projects undertaken by the Jonathan administration. The said projects include dredging of River Niger, construction of bridges, dams and ports, as well as the revitalisation of the rail line and education infrastructure.


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