Legalize 'Baby Factories' - Reno Omokri To Government

Legalize 'Baby Factories' - Reno Omokri To Government

Reno Omokri, the special assistant to Nigeria's former president, Goodluck Jonathan, has advocated the legalization of "baby factories" in the country.

Omokri, who is a pastor, said the practice is called surrogate motherhood all over the world and should not be stigmatized, Premium Times reports.

"Every civilized nation accepts and promotes this practice as a humane option for childless couples. 

"I have been appalled reading about the raids on so called ‘baby factories’ in the media lately. These raids are a throwback to the Salem Witch Trials and I cannot believe that in Nigeria of the 21st century we are stigmatizing what is an acceptable world wide culture that has brought hope to childless couples all over the world."

"For the avoidance of doubt, these women are surrogate mothers who have children for childless couples. Every civilized nation accepts and promotes this practice as a humane option for childless couples.

"The main reason many childless couples prefer a surrogate mother is because they want to know about the family history and genetics of the mother of their unborn child.

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"In many cases, when you adopt a child without knowing who the parents are and there arises a need in future for a blood transfusion or an organ donor, many adoptive parents get stuck. Other medical issues like cancer, or behavioral issues like autism and ADD/ADHD are better diagnosed and treated if you have family history, which is not possible with anonymous adoptions. So, the idea of surrogate motherhood fills this gap.

"In Europe and the Americas as well as in Asia, surrogate mothers are well sought after and advertisements are placed in bus stations, newspapers, on the underground as well as on the Internet seeking out such women. I have included one such advert in this piece.

"Tens of thousands of surrogate children are born each year in the Americas and even more in Europe. Anyone who has ever experienced childlessness either directly or indirectly through a relative, extended family or friend is likely to appreciate the role surrogate mothers play in bringing succor to such families. To ostracize them and tag them ‘baby factories’ is most unfortunate indeed."

Meanwhile last month Abia state police rescued 14 girls from a maternity home which was allegedly being used as a 'baby factory' and belonged to a notorious child trafficking syndicate leader in the state.

In Nigeria the notion,"baby factory", is associated with the illegal sale and adoption of children, rather then surrogate motherhood.


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