20 Most Dangerous Bus Stops To Avoid In Lagos

20 Most Dangerous Bus Stops To Avoid In Lagos

Lagos in recent times has become safer than it was some years ago when violent robberies, car jacking and mugging are carried out even in broad day light. However, in spite of the improved security, some areas are still considered as dangerous. As a resident or visitor, you do not want to find yourself in these bus stations at night or early in the morning. 

20 Most Dangerous Bus Stops To Avoid In Lagos
Crowded Apongbon bus stop: A perfect breeding ground for pickpockets and muggers.

1. Estate Bus stop at Ketu-Alapere: Attacks are carried-out both day and night.

2. Berger bus stop (along OPIC–Ibadan Expressway): Criminals attack victims with guns

on the long bridge and in traffic jams.

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3. First Gate junction - Agidingbi: Robbery point.

4. Boundary Bus stop in Ajegunle: Popularly referred to as the 'one million boys' gang territory where criminals attack passengers in vehicles.

20 Most Dangerous Bus Stops To Avoid In Lagos
A typical Lagos bus station during rush hour

5. Ijora Bus stop: Notorious spot for gang-rape; abduction in buses (popularly known as 'one


6. Mile 2 Oke: Hammers, knives, guns are used to rob motorists in traffic jam

7. Church bus stop - Agboju Mile 2 (Badagry expressway): Haven for street urchins

8. Agric Bus stop - Mile 2: Notorious area for buried arms that are used for robbery operations in the area.

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9. Abule-osu Bus Stop along Mile 2 – Badagry Expressway: Drivers conspire with thugs to attack victims

10. Apongbon Bus stop: Hotbed of 'one-chance' bus attacks.

11. School Bus stop, along Mba - Mile 2 road in Ajegunle: Use of jack-knives and other weapons on victims

20 Most Dangerous Bus Stops To Avoid In Lagos
Typical Lagos bus station at night: Mugging is common when night falls

12. Bamboo area along Oworonsoki – Ibadan Expressway: a dangerous spot about 100 meters from Alapere Housing Estate Bus stop.

13: Oshodi Oke Bridge: Oshodi Oke 'boys' are notorious for bag snatching, pickpocketing and mugging during rush hours.

14 Bolade Bus stop Oshodi: Bolade bus stop, once noted for chaos has improved since the facelift by Lagos State. But during rush hours and late nights, mugging is common.

15. Abule Egba Traffic Light: This bus stop is noted for violent mugging and dangerous street urchin who can forcefully take your belongings and even harm you.

16. Agboju Bus stop along Badagry Expressway: Notorious for car-jacking and robbery on the go.

17 Ajah Bus stop: Sporadic clashes often breaks among rival street urchins loyal to a 'certain chief' and over collection of toll from commercial bus drivers. Women are alleged to have been raped at night during such clashes.

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18. Costain under Bridge: Costain under bridge is dangerous at night. Mugging is common in the area.

19. Okokomaiko and Agric Bus stop: The two bus stops are noted for car jacking, mugging and disappearances.

20. Iyana Iba  Bus stop: For years, Iyana Iba has been noted for violent mugging, robbery and car jacking.





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