7 Ways To Improve Your Confidence

7 Ways To Improve Your Confidence

We aren’t confident ALL the time.  No matter what is going on in our lives, we all deal with a lack of confidence every now and then.  

Naturally, how we combat that problem happens in many different ways.  Although subjective to each individual, ways to enhance/improve your confidence are possible with these seven simple ways.

1. Tap into your alter ego.

A way to enhance your confidence is to show that other side of yourself, your own Alter Ego. Doing this can trigger a positive reaction and better time overall, so, who’s your Alter Ego?

2. Listening to music that gets you in the right mindset

Many people use music as a way to perk-up and start their days the right way.  Getting motivated to prepare your mind for that business meeting or a casual date, music can help relieve the stresses of the day.  Your nerves are at ease and you can conquer anything with the right mindset.

3. Communicate with more confident friends

Besides our family members and significant others, we always have someone else we can rely on: our friends. Anytime we need a pick-me-up, we should look to our most confident and most reliable friends to lift our spirits. Not only does a conversation with them help our self-esteem, but it gives us inner strength to be ourselves…and to be a more positive light in the lives that we touch.

4. Stating positive affirmations to oneself in the mirror

Many people who know about the power of the spoken word understand that reciting or speaking positively can have great effects on your life and your confidence level. Some call it good karma, that what you speak or do comes back to you. Speaking good things about yourself in the mirror helps you to evaluate and uplift you to do/be better, which in turn, gives you a great confidence boost for the day.

5. Trusting and having faith in GOD

As touchy a subject as this can be, many people find that believing in a spiritual being other than themselves helps push them mainly because their worries or fears seem small when left up to someone greater than themselves.

6. Put yourself in situations that require you to SPEAK UP and OUT!

This is a confidence builder because it forces you to have to face a challenge or maybe even a fear that you have.Overcoming anxiety to make a speech or to speak up or about something you believe in, lets you know deep down that you can accomplish a difficult task.

7. Be knowledgeable about your gift(s) in order to share them with the world

We all have natural-born talents, but don’t know how to showcase or manifest them. Learning how to perfect and share our gifts will certainly improve confidence.


Source: Legit.ng

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