WICKEDNESS: Businessman Tortures Apprentice, Locks Him Up For 10 Days Without Food (PHOTO)

WICKEDNESS: Businessman Tortures Apprentice, Locks Him Up For 10 Days Without Food (PHOTO)

Thankgod Nwabisi, 23, from Adani, Uzo-Uwani L.G.A of Enugu State was thoroughly tortured, tied with ropes and dumped inside a room in his master’s house for about ten days without food or water. Serving as an apprentice to an auto -parts dealer in Ladipo, Lagos, popularly called Elopee, he had signed an agreement to serve the man for seven years, and had already served five years before the ugly incident.

According to him, he was accused of not reconciling their sale’s book properly resulting in the loss of N4,000. "I was abandoned inside the kitchen for about three days until I noticed that somebody slipped a plate of food through an opening to me. Hungrily, I ate the food. I was defecating and urinating inside the same place until seven days later when the pains became unbearable. I then started crying and raising my voice, calling for help. It was then that I knew that the small girl living with us, a relation of my master’s wife, was also left in the house and she was the person that slipped food into the kitchen for me".

This torture of the boy aroused the anger of their neighbours who promptly alerted policemen on patrol from Ayobo division and they swiftly responded.

The police broke into the premise and quickly rescued the poor boy and while searching the house, they saw a female teenager who claimed to be a relation to the wife of his master and they took all of them to their station for questioning.

It was gathered that after Policemen broke into the house, they found the female teenager in the parlour. She led them to the kitchen where they saw the boy, tied like a goat with splashes of his urine and excreta all over the room.

The divisional Police officer, Musa Lariski reportedly directed his men to quickly rush the boy to the nearest hospital where he was giving proper medical attention beofore he was brought back to the station. It was learnt that since then, all efforts made by detectives to trace the owner of the house and his wife yielded negative results. A team of policemen were also said to have gone to his shop at Ladipo market only to discover that he had not shown his face since the the boy was rescued from his house.

Source: Legit.ng

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