GEJ's Achievements: A Reminder For Buhari's Government

GEJ's Achievements: A Reminder For Buhari's Government

Although former President Goodluck Jonathan lost the last presidential elections in Nigeria, there are certain achievements that he attained before he left power. focuses on five of these achievements which many might attribute to the administration President Muhammadu Buhari

1. Credible Elections: That the Jonathan administration conducted two of the freest elections in the Nigeria's history is not in doubt. Both the 2011 and the 2015 elections have been credible, free and fair. Although some irregularities were recorded in both elections, they were not enough to affect the overall results of the elections. Both elections also received commendations from election observers group both home and abroad. A testament to the credibility of the polls. The Jonathan's government delivered on this front. The president resisted the temptation to interfere with the Independent National Electoral Commission work as he never influenced their decisions or put them under pressure as the case was in the past.

2. Civil Service Reforms: Although Nigerian civil servants  refused to cooperate with the Steve Oronsaye-led committee that the government set up to reform the sector, the Jonathan government found other ways to block all the loop holes that the civil servants were using in the past to fleece the government. One way in which the government achieved this was through the introduction of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS), which reduced incidents of corruption in the civil service by more than fifty percent.

3. Sports Development: The Nigerian sports sector will never forget the Goodluck Jonathan government. It there is one sector that the name "Goodluck" reflected in, it is the sports sector. Jonathan, who is a keen sports follower and lover ensured that his administration honoured every sports man or woman in the country who performed well at international competitions. It was the norm to see teams going in and out of Aso Rock smiling and being rewarded for their efforts.  As part of his interest to see the sector succeed, Jonathan convened a retreat for professionals and stakeholders in the industry to brainstorm on the way forward for the industry.   and Nigerians will be in for celebrations as laurels will continue flowing in from our sportsmen and women.

4. Youth Development: Even the Buhari government will meet on ground, many of the initiatives of the Jonathan administration geared towards empowering Nigerian youths. The YouWin programme which according to statistics benefited over 30,000 youths, fresh graduates and unemployed youths. The establishment of Subsidy Re-investment Programme (SURE-P) also empowered over 2000 Nigerian youths.

5. Petroleum Sector Reforms: The Jonathan administration achievements in the petroleum sector were enormous. But unfortunately, the reforms were overshadowed with corruption allegations in the sector and other shady deals that have characterised the industry for a long time. Many of the reforms pursued by the administration made many economic saboteurs desperate to push Jonathan out of power.The absence of any vote for subsidy in the 2015 budget is one of the best legacies, the Jonathan administration left for the country. The government also finished its work on the contentious but effective Petroleum Industry Bill which was frustrated by some disgruntled elements in the Nigerian National Assembly. 

Meanwhile, Nigerians are expectant that the Buhari administration's achievements will surpass that of the Jonathan's administration.


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