7 Ways To Keep Healthy In Lagos This Weekend

7 Ways To Keep Healthy In Lagos This Weekend


Editor’s Note:  There is undoubtedly any city in Nigeria today that compares with Lagos social life and realities. Working in this city can take one’s breath away. We know about the traffic, but there are others things that make living in Lagos such a task. As a resident or visitor you can ease the tension of your busy week by just doing the simple things that will make you begin to appreciate living in this city. Get out of the house and take a breather.

Here are a few things you can do to make living in Lagos a healthy experience. 

1. Play Street Soccer: If you like football, street soccer is one of the best things that happens in every part of Lagos at weekend. Ok, if you can't find one spot where street soccer is played. Organize one yourself, get your friends and neighbour together and kick the round in the evening and when you wake up. It's a great way to keep healthy.

2. Cycle Around Your Neighbourhood: This is not about fuel scarcity. It has been proven that riding on a bicycle can prolong your life span. In a Lagos where daily living is full of stress, hopping on your bike and riding on your street is great fun for the weekend.

3. Go   Swimming:  Do you know how to swim? It doesn’t matter if you don’t. You can start to learn this weekend. There are plenty of swimming clubs and hotel in Lagos that offer a pay as you go swimming lessons. Even if you don’t want to learn, just visit any hotel in your neighbourhood to pay as much as N1, 000 to enjoy endless hours of swimming. Apart from being healthy, it is a great way to prepare for another hectic week ahead

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4. Go For a Walk or Exercise: If you work in Lagos, there is  every chance that you leave home in the at dawn and return at dusk during the week days. There is also the possibility that your daily routine is affecting your health. A great way to shake off the stress of commuting daily to and from work is to either go a for a long walk, visit a gym or exercise in your area. It can be your street or in your home. Remember, to keep going in Lagos, you must be mentally fit to carry out your daily duties

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5. Visit an Old Friend: Lagos has become the most engaging places to live in the world. There are people in this city who hardly set eyes on their children because they live home too early and arrive too late to leave yet again next morning. There are also many people who hardly socialize because of their busy schedule. We have friends we have not seen for a long time. While not give them a call and organize a small get together this weekend. Little things in life matter than a whole life time spent working without appreciating the role of our friends in our lives.

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6. Visit a Day Spa: I know what you are thinking. That visiting a Spa may be too expensive. But reality is that a full body massage costs as less as N5, 000 or less. You need to take care of your body. Stop giving excuses. If you break down today due to stressful living, you will spend much more. Getting a massage will be a great way to relax after a busy week full of stress.

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7. Go Watch a Movie or Sit Down in Bar to Cool off: Finally, you can complete your weekend by take friends family and yourself to watch a movie in many of the cinemas in town. By so doing, you take your mind off the stress and just appreciate the beauty of living.

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