Nasir El-Rufai And His Deputy Cut Their Salaries By Half

Nasir El-Rufai And His Deputy Cut Their Salaries By Half

Nasir El-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state, Friday stated he would cut his and his deputy, Mr Barnabas Bala's, salaries by 50% until the economic situation in the state improved.

During his swearing-in by the state chief judge, Justice Tanimu Zailani, in Kaduna, the governor said it's time for taking decisive actions and lay their own comfort on the altar of the common good.

“In recognition of the difficult challenges we face, our deputy governor and I have concluded that the sacrifices that change requires must begin with us.

“We have decided to take a pay cut and donate 50 percent of our salaries and allowances, until our fiscal situation improves.

“We understand that leadership by example is the most persuasive way to demand sacrifices from all of us as citizens.

“We pledge to avoid ostentation and foolish bigmanism, and to value transparency, modesty and accountability.

“We will obey the same rules that we demand of all of you. After all, the law is the difference between civilization and anarchy.

“We submit ourselves to the principle that all are equal before the law.”

Moreover, Governor El-Rufai promised to provide every child up to JS3 with the right to free basic education and “focus on jobs, security, education and healthcare.”

“ The fact is that today Kaduna state cannot meet its obligations without handouts from the federal government.

“We cannot comfortably pay salaries of our teachers and nurses and civil servants.

“And after struggling to pay salaries, we can do little else.

“We cannot fix the schools, help our farmers, repair our roads, or treat the sick. We have arrived at a dead end. The patient is sick, and it needs radical therapy.”

As for security issues, Governor El-Rufai pledged he would collaborate with law enforcement officials to eliminate crime in the state including “communal violence, cattle-rustling and armed robbery”, and work towards guaranteeing "speedy conclusion of cases" and punishment for misconduct.

Nasir El-Rufai asked Kaduna people to grant maximum support to the members of his administration. “Four years from now, by the grace of God and the active support of you all, we will all be able to say that the leaders in whose care you have placed your affairs today have given their all for the brighter future that we all seek.”



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