What Tony Blair Advised Buhari to Make Nigeria Successful

What Tony Blair Advised Buhari to Make Nigeria Successful

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair advised the incoming Muhammadu Buhari cabinet the ways to make Nigeria successful just like the UK. The key to success is not to waste time while in office, thinks Mr. Blair.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair advised the incoming President of Nigeria administration not to waste time while in office.

In his opinion all important decisions should be taken in first 100 days – not later. It is really important to meet the voters’ expectations from the very start and that will have hugely positive impact on Nigerian economy in  long term.

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Blair also thinks that they key important problem to be solved without hesitation is eliminating corruption in oil industry. And the first step to be done in that direction is the revision of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Recent scandals with embezzlement of amazing sums equal to $20Bn show that something has to be done to return oil money back from the shady schemes and that will definitely impact economy positively. This is the most important step in overhauling the oil industry.

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Tony Blair’s words were delivered by his advisor Peter Mandelson  during two-day round table on the implementation agenda of change organized by APC’s presidential campaign council.

Peter Mandelson, speaking on behalf of former British prime minister, told that “people in this country [Nigeria] seem to be able to do things with impunity and beyond the reach of the rule of law or proper accountability and the judicial system. You can crack the NNPC nut or you can make a start on it in the first 100 days and if you do so, you would have built a very strong foundation for what you have to do in the next four years and beyond… Ensuring that all government revenue goes into a single government account will be a good start. That will send a very strong message".

This is not the first time Tony Blair  gives Muhammadu Buhari some political advise. Their meeting in London before presidential elections in Nigeria caused much controversy.

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