Al-Mustapha’s Acquittal: Supreme Court Our Last Opportunity for Justice – Late Abiola’s Family

Al-Mustapha’s Acquittal: Supreme Court Our Last Opportunity for Justice – Late Abiola’s Family

Messrs Al-Mustapha and Sofolahan were sentenced to death by hanging by a Lagos State High Court for the murder of Mrs. Abiola, wife of the acclaimed winner of June 12, 1993.

The duo was, however, set free last month after the appellate court overturned the death sentence.

Abiola’s family made a statement on August 14, 2013, Wednesday, said that the Supreme Court is the last opportunity for them to get justice within Nigeria’s system.

“As the Attorney General files an appeal to the Supreme Court, I am reminded of Martin Luther King’s admonition that when evil men plot, good men must plan,” said Hafsat Abiola-Costello, who spoke on behalf of the Abiola family.

“In 1996, an unarmed woman was assassinated in cold blood. The gunman later confessed and identified those that sent him to commit the crime.

“17years later, within the democratic system that the woman fought to realize with her last breath, the mastermind of the assassination was set free.

“To date, no-one has been convicted for the crime. The woman was 44-years-old,” Mrs. Abiola-Castello added.

It would be recalled that Mrs. Kudirat Abiola left behind a husband, who was in prison at the time for treason and seven children, the youngest of which was 7-years-old, according to Mrs. Abiola-Costello.

“On behalf of my siblings and entire family, let me thank the Attorney General and the legal team working with him for their steadfast dedication to this case,” Mrs. Abiola-Costello said.

“Whichever way the appeal goes, there is victory in the fact that today in Lagos, good men and women are planning,” she added. 


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