Real Reasons Daniel Dumped Doris For Stella Damasus

Real Reasons Daniel Dumped Doris For Stella Damasus

For some time now, the media has been awash with the news of film director, Daniel Ademinokan’s separation with his actress wife, Doris Simeon.

One woman that has been receiving the arrow for the breakup is Stella Damasus, another thespian who is now allegedly engaged to the Delta State born filmmaker.

Stella has been severally accused of snatching Ademinokan from Doris, but correspondent can exclusively report that their lovey-dovey affair, which already produced a son, had since hit the rocks before Stella came into the picture.

For many years, Ademinokan and Doris had been dealing with issues bothering from infidelity on the part of the latter, one of the reasons she has never been in good terms with Ademinokan’s mother and siblings. As a matter of fact, Doris was not in talking terms with her in-laws, who in return insisted that she cannot continue to be their wife.

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But even in the midst of such pressure and persuasion, Ademinokan was still hoping that his wife can still change for the better. But unfortunately for him, the situation seemed to be getting worse.

Ademinokan’s romance with Doris eventually fell like a pack of cards when his friends continued to feed him with different tales of his wife’s ‘sexcapades.’

To make matters worse, Doris’ ego began to rise to the extent that she rarely listened to her husband.

Ademinokan even confided in a friend of how Doris would leave him at home, lie that she is going for a meeting with some investors at one hotel or the other, and return home very late on all the occasions. If he asks her the outcome of such meetings, she would simply say ‘don’t mind the man, he was just saying nonsense/he is not serious.’

It was a result of Doris’ promiscuous nature that Ademinokan declined to grant her custody of their only son.

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In fact, Ademinokan’s siblings almost beat Doris during the burial ceremony of their father for her nonchalant attitude. She refused to assist them in the preparations, and even when she was at the party, the actress only kept herself busy with her Blackberry phone, while other in-laws were assisting to make the event a success.

Meanwhile, Ademinokan and Doris had walked away from the union several months before Stella Damasus came into the picture. His relationship with the mother of two started from business, and later emotions began to grow. The rest now is history as they have both relocated to the US.

For months, there were reports that Stella had snatched someone else’s husband but she kept mute about it. In December 2014, she finally confirmed she is with Daniel Ademinokan, who was previously married to another actress, Doris Simeon. She said she was having a happy life with him and blasted her crtics.


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