Stop Insulting Yoruba Obas, PDP Warns APC Leaders

Stop Insulting Yoruba Obas, PDP Warns APC Leaders

The Peoples Democratic Party presidential campaign organisation yesterday warned the leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to stop insulting Yoruba Obas.

In a statement yesterday by the director of media and publicity of the PDP, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, he ridiculed the APC for resorting to “guerilla journalism” through the establishment and operation of the illegal Radio Chanji at a secret location outside the country.

According to Fani- Kayode, “There are three areas which we wish to touch on today and which give us cause for concern.

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“The first is our concern about the intentions of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to use the radio station known as Radio Change (Radio Chanji in Hausa) to create crises in this country after the election results have been announced.

“The opposition has insisted on continuing in what we call”guerrilla journalism” by making all kinds of pronouncements and all kinds of false statements from that radio station. The radio station is outside the shores of Nigeria and we believe that we have identified the country from where it has been broadcasting. We will not however disclose which country that is for now. The radio station is operating on medium wave which is completely illegal.

“Once again we must let the Nigerian people know that what the APC intends to do is to incite the Nigerian public to violence after they lose the election. They also intend to use the station to announce false results all over the country, particularly targeting northern Nigeria. It is important that we alert the public about this sinister agenda. We urge the Nigerian people not to allow themselves to be used for violence and to ignore every fake result that will be pronounced by this illegal radio station on March 28th and 29th.

“The second issue that we wish to bring to the attention of the Nigeria public, which gives us even more cause for concern, are the consistent verbal attacks by the APC and their leaders on our traditional rulers and institutions and especially the deep and damaging insults that have been meted out to the traditional rulers and revered elders in the south-western part of our country. Our message to the APC leadership is to leave our Obas alone and our warning to them is that if they refuse to do so they will regret it deeply at the polls.

“It all started when they referred to our traditional rulers in the south-west as ‘worshipers of mammon’, meaning that they are cheap and vulgar and that they worship money. The second one was when Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the de facto leader of APC, referred to all the Yoruba Obas as not being decent people with the exception of only three. That means that as far as he is concerned 97 percent of our Obas in Yorubaland are useless and irresponsible people.

“The latest insult that they indulged in was when they labelled our revered traditional rulers as ”bribe takers”. They suggested that our candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan, was giving them bribes and that they were gladly receiving those bribes. The APC continues to insult our traditional rulers and our Obas in the south-west and this, as far as we are concerned, is unacceptable.

“We are not surprised by the pronouncements of people like Tinubu and the APC about our traditional rulers because we know their antecedents. It is clear to us that it is only when someone has a thousand fathers, or when that person does not know who his real father is, that he is ready to insult our traditional rulers in this way.

“The third area of concern is as follows. Unfortunately the APC leadership has consistently indulged in all manner of occultism. They are essentially a party of cultists. They have used occultism in enslaving the Nigerian people over the last few months. They slaughter cows, goats, ducks and other living things as sacrifices to the devil and they bathe with soap that is made out of human faeces. They consult the stars and they discuss serious national issues with mediums and sorcerers. That is their stock in trade. They sought to put the whole of Nigerian under a spell of fear for the February 14 elections. They invoked all kinds of fetish powers and demonic entities to effect this.

“We are grateful that with the power of the living God Nigeria was delivered from that spell. On February 14, when the D-Day came, that spell was broken and it was all over. After that date the effect of the spell has gone. Since that time Nigerians have become more and more liberated from the evil covenant that they sowed for that day and they have been resisting their evil.

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“We give thanks to God for this. We are of the view that these people who insult our traditional rulers, who devalue our sacred institutions, who have no respect for the Living God and the God that we serve, who do not abide by His principles and who seek power from the devil and those who work for the devil should never be allowed to take power in Nigeria. We want to assure the Nigerian people that God will not allow them to have power in this country.”

Meanwhile, the Yoruba pan-sociocultural group reacted to Fashola’s statements that the Yoruba leaders support for President Jonathan is a “betrayal ” "borne out of blood money”.


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