Adamawa APC Leaders Speak On Their Defection

Adamawa APC Leaders Speak On Their Defection

Ten members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) executive committee in Adamawa state have recently explained why they had defected from the party and joined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The defecting officials said that they did so in the interests of the state and because they believe in the ability of Nuhu Ridabu, the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP, to choose a new course for the troubled state.

In the statement issued on March 24, 2015, the officials said that it was clear that Ridabu will rise “above primordial and personal interests” in rescuing the state from the grip of underdevelopment, and will work for the collective good of the people.

“Upon careful review of all the issues and problems, as well as personalities on offer aiming for the top job, we come to the selfless conclusion that no better person is right to take Adamawa back on track than the candidate of the PDP.

“Unfortunately, for months and weeks, we have been saddled with the responsibility of marketing candidates that we frankly cannot vouch for their capacity and competence especially in comparable with the candidates PDP parades in the State," the statement read.

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The officials made known that they had planned to work for Ribadu and help him to become the APC gubernatorial candidate while he was a member of the party. But Ribadu made the decision to leave the APC and join the PDP before they could realize their plan.

“However, to quote Shakespeare, 'a rose by whatever name it is called will remain sweet'. We believe wherever he goes Nuhu Ribadu will remain Nuhu Ribadu.”

“We believe the real change Adamawa needs today – the change from incompetence and cronyism to competent and selfless leadership is well represented by the PDP. Our decision is in the interest of Adamawa State. It is borne out of the patriotic flair to uplift our dear state and transform the lives of our people.

“We want to inform you and through you the good people of Adamawa State that we that are here today, and our teeming supporters across the state, have decided to resign our membership of the APC and join the PDP with the intention of joining the team that has the capacity and intention of transforming our state,” the defecting officials said.

Meanwile, a mass defection has taken place in Taraba state, where an APC aspirant in the recent governorship primary election has dumped the party together with 17,000 other members.


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