Man Smashes Coconuts On Wife's Throat With Machete

Man Smashes Coconuts On Wife's Throat With Machete

Not so many people in the world would let someone to smash a coconut on theirs throat. But not that woman who literally put her life in her spouse's hands, village Chirala Mandal, in India.

Balashankar Budati often performs the death defying stunts with sticks, stones, knives and other sharp objects to entertain the locals in his native village. His wife Bhramharamba, a 39-year-old housewife and mother-of-two, is his best assistant and co-performer.

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Their new heart-stopping video where the man is smashing a coconut on his wife's throat with a machete shocked the Internet users. It shows Balashankar holding the huge knife in his hands, then he spins the weapon in the air several times... and suddenly brings it down on the coconut, which was balanced between the woman's neck and chest.

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With just centimeters between the coconut and certain death, Bhramharamba lies motionless on the ground as her husband chops the shell in half, thankfully leaving her neck intact. What a daredevil couple!

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