Meet Daredevil Man Who Wrestles, Swims With Crocodiles

Meet Daredevil Man Who Wrestles, Swims With Crocodiles

Could you imagine swimming together with one of the most dangerous animal in the world? Such a pastime is a routine for Christopher Gillette from Miami, Florida, USA.

He works at at a Florida sanctuary where he not only entertains tourists by his close relationships with the crocodiles but also rescues them from death. Brave animal handler says that but for his and other people obsession with the green man-eaters they would otherwise be hunted down.

The wild reptiles are taken to the sanctuary if they stroll into neighbourhoods where residents can legally kill them. The organization is a completely non-profit as its aim to save the animals.

"If a gator shows up at somebody’s house or at a BBQ or anywhere else in the state of Florida more than a couple of times then the state will deem it a nuisance. There are around 7,000 nuisance alligators reported each year and legally people can then just go out and kill that animal."

Mr Gillette began working with them at various parks when he was 18, to help pay for his degree in environmental studies.To raise cash for the centre the wrestling shows are organized, where Gillette feeds and wrestles the alligators. His talent for wrestling the reptiles has since landed him first prize in a crocodile wrestling competition.

He said: "I love crocs, they're fascinating animals and I feel very privileged to work with them. When I first started I wasn't scared, I loved the rush and excitement of it and didn't even think of the dangers. I get much more nervous doing shows now as I'm more aware of the dangers involved.

During my show I try to get as close to getting bit without actually getting bitten, its about balancing the audiences need for excitement with your own need of safety. We work with some very aggressive alligators at the park and if you're not careful there's a chance they could kill you."



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