Obasanjo Shreds His PDP Membership Card To Pieces

Obasanjo Shreds His PDP Membership Card To Pieces

There are indications that the former president Olusegun Obasanjo has finally decided to part his ways with the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The Punch informed the ex-leader of the nation has destroyed his membership card publicly.

According to reports from PM News and TV Continental, Chief Obasanjo has dumped the PDP, declaring that he was no longer interested in the party.

The possible reasons behind such a move are not to clear yet. At the same time, this does not look as a defection to another political party.

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Meanwhile, some sources discourse that the tearing of his PDP membership may have to show the attitude on the previous public face-off between Obasanjo and the administration of the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.

Obasanjo told journalists: “They said they want to expel me from PDP, although I have not been told but I have my ears on ground. We’ve been trying to run away from a man but he pleads we wait for him at the other side of the river. I have told you before that I became president on the platform of PDP, once I leave PDP I will not join any party.

I will only be a Nigerian, I am ready to work with anybody regardless of political affiliation. Why would some people say they want to send me away, they don’t need to bother themselves, here’s your membership card, take it,” Chief Obasanjo said before dumping his membership card which was later torn by a member of the party from his ward.

From today on, in the presence of all us and with your support, I am not going to be in any political party in Nigeria. I am no more a politician but a statesman both internally and externally. The issued that they want to expel me from the party for, once you people are with me what other people am I looking for,” the former president said.

It would be recalled that the presidency, towards the end of last week, blamed Obasanjo for nursing the ambition of heading an interim government should the elections be shifted from the rescheduled March 28th date, and the need for the interim government arises.

The accusation by the presidency on Obasanjo is not unconnected with OBJ's recent verbal attack on the presidency, where he accused the leader of the country of being desperate to remain in power.

Obasanjo is a founding member of the ruling party and the first democratically elected president of the PDP. He was elected twice (1999 and 2003) under its platform.

Source: Legit.ng

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