God's Face Appears In Waves On UK Coastline

God's Face Appears In Waves On UK Coastline

As so-called weather bomb continues to batter UK western coasts more and more people could start believing it is all the Almighty's doing.

Recently an unusual natural phenomenon was spotted near Port Wemyss on the south-western tip of the Scottish island Islay.

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The startling picture was taken by Ron Steenvoorden who later posted it to his Twitter and captured it with "Mysterious face spotted in the waves. Face caught in wave on UK coastline #God"

Could it be a sign of God? Nobody knows for sure but everybody remembers that the bible warns of powerful storms, floods and other chaotic weather during the world's Last Days.

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Phenomenal waves, pummelling winds reaching 100mph, blizzards and rain have hit northern areas of Britain as part of a huge storm system. The "weather bomb" brought hundreds of lightning strikes, temporarily cutting power across the Western Isles.

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Explosive cyclogenesis - known colloquially as a "weather bomb" - is when a storm intensifies as the pressure at its centre drops rapidly (by more than 24 millibars in 24 hours).

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