Jesus Christ Appears in British Toilet Room

Jesus Christ Appears in British Toilet Room

An unusual depiction of the son of God appeared in one of the old British houses, at least, Freda Murphy, the owner of the house, says so.

The 52-year-old woman let journalists into her house to show the face of Jesus Christ on her newly-laid toilet floor. The woman spotted the outline of a face she believes to be Jesus Christ after taking photographs while renovating her 100-year-old home.

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Freda also complained about extraordinary phenomena including ghosts and dead babies cries since they moved here in 19 years ago. According to Freda, the imprint showing Jesus Christ has a tear falling from its right eye.

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Speaking about the day of appearance of Jesus Christ's portrait, Freda says, "We’d just had the floor laid down and I was taking a picture for my solicitor. When I looked at the image it sent a shiver down my spine. I could make out eyes, a nose, mouth, long hair and beard. A lot of people have said it looks like Jesus."


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