PHOTOS: 14 Inappropriate But So Funny Kids' Drawings

PHOTOS: 14 Inappropriate But So Funny Kids' Drawings

If you’re a parent, then we don’t have to tell you that kids can be inappropriate at times. A lot, actually.

And their homework and drawings are no exception. Or maybe it’s our grown-up minds that turn seemingly innocent drawings into not-so-innocent works of "art."

You be the judge to view these 14 inappropriate (yet hilarious) kids’ drawings.

One letter out of place changes everything.

B is for beer. 

These scissors remind us of something…I’ve never been there, but I hear it’s lovely this time of year…

We’re assuming this child meant to write "cook" — but that "chef" hat isn’t helping him make his case either.No, mommy is not a stripper. She sells shovels for money.

That’s what he said…

No comment.

At least this kid knows about anatomy.

Thanks for using your hose to put out that fire, Mr. Fireman.

This is a nice way of letting mommy know she has a drinking problem.

Judging by this anatomically-correct drawing, yes, the dog is indeed a boy.

Giraffes are mommy’s favorite animal too.

This kid gets a "P" for perfect!


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