South African Landowners Facing Escalating Genocide

South African Landowners Facing Escalating Genocide

The Marxist African National Congress, openly advocated the influx of African immigrants since 1994, creating huge challenges to development economics in the resultant slums that shot up throughout the country.

One of these problems is that fixed property, land and farms have been in the legal possession of whites since they formed the South African state in 1854 at the Sandriver Convention.

And it is these legal owners of land, property, and farms that are subjected daily to a perpetual escalating modern genocide. And it is not just landowners that are targets of terrorists. Any person occupying the property in the targetted area are summarily killed. Media back-up is provided by describing the genocide as 'theft', 'robberies', and 'robberies-gone-wrong', in a clear and evident cover-up and complicity in the genocide, by the powers-that-be.

The three-pronged assault includes the media battle where any such genocide is denied by the government, as well as the liberal mass media dominating the country.

The second assault comes from armed militia and terror-groups operating with number of eight and more heavily-armed and military-trained terrorists that kills white property owners at random at night. The brutal torture lasting for hours, ending in the normally execution-style killings has been going on and gaining momentum since 2003 when the first incidents happened in the Cradle-of-Mankind area in the vicinity of Muldersdrif, on the West Rand of Johannesburg.

The third leg of the escalating genocide originates from the Marxist-controlled municipalities, which are using exorbitant increases in property taxes and municipal fees, to drive the legal land owners of their homesteads and land. Illegal immigrants then occupy these vacated properties, whilst the original homeowners are further criminalized by the Marxists with legal proceedings being initiated to recover unpaid debt.

And the legal and historical homeowners face increasing difficulty in paying these taxes since they are prevented by law like Affirmative Action, from participating in the formal economy, leaving them destitute, unemployed and under siege from both terrorists and marxist-municipalities.

And since the beginning of 2013, the number of terrorist attacks increased threefold against the property owners and farm owners.

Since the President of the country, Jacob Zuma, openly incited violence against the landowners, otherwise known as "Boers" , the genocide escalated. A translation of the president's singing was done by a retired professor of languages.

At the ANC's Centenary celebrations, President Zuma sang the song 'Shooting the Boers with cannons". And many of his followers followed suit, and regarded this as an instruction.The evidence of this escalation of genocide is clearly documented on various websites.

In just one of many such executions, small children are shot and killed in execution-style with a single-shot to the back of the head.

In one of these areas where landowners are victims of organized terror-attacks, namely Muldersdrif, the fleeiing inhabitants renamed it informally as "Murdersdrift".

Despite the governments efforts to keep the full horror of this genocide secret, several webpages have been able to provide a clear picture of events even with police records being 'secret' on this matter.

Expensive milk cows are mutilated in fashions similar to the Mau Mau atrocities in the 1950's in Kenya.


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