World's Strongest Priest Who Holds Guinness World Records

World's Strongest Priest Who Holds Guinness World Records

Meet the world's strongest priest, Kevin Fast, who holds several Guinness World Records in powerlifting. 

The powerlifting Canadian pastor was given a title of  the world's strongest priest as he holds several Guinness World Records including:

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The 51-year-old has already broken a staggering 19 powerlifting records over the past two decades and also presided over thousands of services, weddings and baptisms at a Canadian church.

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Speaking about his sport and religious life, Kevin Fast said, "I've set many records over the years - I've pulled planes, trucks, ships and trains. Just about everything you can pull. I've been competing at an extreme level for 21 years and don't want to stop now. I've been given the ability to do this and I believe it is a gift from God.

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The deal with gifts like this is you have to use them to help people otherwise it would be ungrateful. So with all my world record attempts I've always tried to raise money for charity. My parishioners here at the church are always supportive. We are a nice big family and they like to hear about my exploits."


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