Easy Travels & Vaccines: How the second passport will help you during a pandemic

Easy Travels & Vaccines: How the second passport will help you during a pandemic

The breakout of Covid-19 has brought about many changes, especially in the travel and tourism industry. As a result, travel restrictions such as suspension of incoming and outgoing flights were placed on citizens, including those traveling with dual citizenship to curtail the fast spread of the virus.

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The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines already begins, and most wealthy Africans with certain limitations from their countries, such as travel ban, inadequate health care facilities, absence of vaccines and delivery, are now sourcing for the second passport by investment to access the vaccines.

At the same time, Caribbean countries like Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia, among others, are places where most wealthy people from Nigeria are already getting the best second passport.

Dual citizenship in Nigeria: An overview

Dual citizenship simply means a lawful status whereby someone is regarded as a citizen of two or more countries under their respective laws. For example, Nigerians are widely known to have been involved in the CBI/RBI programs in Caribbean countries like Grenada, primarily for financial empowerment and easy access to the US.

However, the aim of traveling with two passports took a different turn with the arrival of Covid-19, from financial empowerment to quality health and education. Since getting a second passport has become one of the people's concerns, it is no longer a surprise to see wealthy persons and politicians having dual citizenship in Nigeria.

Does Nigeria allow dual citizenship?

The laws favour dual citizenship in Nigeria, and it can be achieved by birth, registration/marriage, and naturalisation. It is important to note that citizens with two passports are allowed to hold public offices. However, a dual citizen may also be subject to obligations of citizenship such as payment of tax and other civic duties.

Requirements for traveling with dual passports

One of the first things to do in order to travel with two passports is looking for official information. This way you can know the travel requirements to your destination. These may be different for some citizens or others, depending on their nationality. For example, you can travel without a visa to Morocco if you have a Nigerian passport.

Simultaneously, U.S.-Nigeria dual-national citizens are required to have a valid Nigerian passport to leave the country. Dual-national citizens can be and often are denied boarding until they have acquired valid Nigerian passports.

However, citizens of other nationalities suffer a different fate and must apply for a visa at the corresponding Embassy. Therefore, if you win with one of your passports because it avoids paperwork, do not hesitate to use it to enter the country you want to travel to. Then, when you leave, present this same passport that you gave at your entrance.

Passport power comparison

Passports are essential items for every traveler, but the nationality of a passport can significantly affect travel plans and time abroad. Therefore, there is a need to analyse this document's influence on travel to discover the most powerful countries with dual citizenship.

  1. Nigeria has visa-free access to 46 countries. Unfortunately, the Nigeria passport holds little value due to its recurrent fraud, misconduct, and corruption.
  2. Ghana: The Ghanaian passport can help you reach only 64 destinations that is a very low number compared to other countries.
  3. South Africa: South Africa's passport gives free access to 102 countries. With the alarming rate of Coronavirus infection, several nations, including Greece, Japan, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Portugal, have placed South Africans on a traveling ban.
  4. Portugal: With access to 188 visa-free countries, Portugal is definitely a world-ranking leader in the Residence-by-Investment Programs. The same is with its passport. Interestingly, the Portuguese passport is highly valued due to its high mobility, security, health care system, and amazing culture
  5. Caribbean countries: There are five Caribbean countries with some peculiarities as well. They are discussed below:

  • Antigua and Barbuda: This Caribbean country's passport is second to none in traveling opportunities. With its help, you can reach 151 countries worldwide absolutely visa-free, including Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, and other American and EU countries.
  • Grenada: This passport gives access to 144 countries, including France, Spain, Andorra, Austria, Brazil, Netherlands, Peru, and other EU, Asia, as well as African countries.
  • Dominica: Dominica passport is one of the best choices, as it can help you reach 143 destinations worldwide! The list includes Belize, Bulgaria, Colombia, Netherlands, Peru, South Korea, Switzerland, and other EU countries
  • St. Kitts and Nevis: St. Kitts and Nevis rank 2 in this ratio. It can boast visa-free access to 157 countries! This list includes Albania, Bahamas, Brazil, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, as well as many other powerful states.
  • St. Lucia: This passport gives access to 146 visa-free countries, including Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Ireland, United Kingdom, and Colombia

Guide to the five Caribbean and Vanuatu citizenship programs

Citizenship by Investment is a very confidential and safe program implemented by Caribbean countries and other regions to offer their citizenship and passports in exchange for direct donations to the government or purchasing real estate in that nation.

These programs have been in existence for several years and, although they are not cheap, they have proven to be very effective since they offer a second passport that guarantees greater freedom of travel.

In addition, it exempts holders from visas to the vast majority of countries, and importantly, they allow greater facilities for conducting business and better international tax planning. Kemal Nicholson, Leading Immigration expert on Caribbean Citizenship of Migronis Company, highlighted:

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Kemal Nicholson
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The main request that clients from Nigeria contact us with is regarding freedom of movement around the world since it is difficult for the citizens of this country to obtain visas to Britain and other countries.

Someone wants to travel the world for retirement;for someone else, it’s important to fly without problems to children who are studying in the United Kingdom; someone wants to build a business in the United States or is looking for a tax haven.
The passports of Caribbean countries can perfectly solve these problems.
Which country should you choose? We work with each client individually. Migronis is one of the most reliable companies in the CBI market. We speak 7 languages, strictly observe confidentiality for our clients, and make sure that they enjoy the freedom and all other benefits of second citizenships.
As an advisor to the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, I can say for sure that Antigua and Barbuda, and in general Caribbean states, are very welcoming to their new citizens, and the citizenship programs themselves are constantly being improved so that the client receives more benefits.

Benefits of obtaining Caribbean Countries Second Passport

One of the most outstanding benefits of obtaining a second passport from Caribbean countries is because they are regarded as part of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Therefore, Caribbean citizens enjoy certain privileges from the UK government. A few of the benefits include studying in British educational institutions and access to other countries of the Commonwealth, including Australia and Canada.

Moreover, investors can get a return on their investment. For example, suppose an investor put their money in real estate/ invested in real estate. In that case, these properties can be sold after a few years, thereby enabling the investor to recover the amount paid for the second passport investment.

Also, the second passport gives its holder the freedom to carry out business activities and make partnership deals with other partners without any capital restrictions in business transactions. As a result of the travel restrictions imposed on several countries, the second passport can help its holders bypass specific sanctions from the government in an emergency.

Obtaining citizenship and passport in Antigua and Barbuda - starts at $100,000

Antigua and Barbuda are two islands in the Caribbean, separated by just 32 miles. Tourism is the main economic activity of this Caribbean country and is recognised among the most famous in the world. Antigua and Barbuda offer three options to obtain a passport that you can use to travel to over 140 nations:

  • A donation to the Government's National Development Fund
  • Investment in real estate
  • Investment in the Fund of University of the West Indies

Obtaining citizenship and passport in Dominica - starts at $100,000

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program contemplates two options: delivering a donation directly to the government and purchasing a real estate investment. To receive the Dominican passport through the first option, you must donate to the government $100,000. The other option is the execution of a real estate investment of at least $200,000. However, the real estate included in the operation cannot be sold within at least three years.

Obtaining citizenship and passport in Grenada - starts at $150,000

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program is attractive mainly because it is possible to travel without a visa to 144 countries with a Grenada passport. In addition, it offers excellent options to receive an E2 visa from the United States.

Grenadian Citizenship by Investment Program starts from a minimum of $150,000 non-refundable contribution for the donation to the National Transformation Fund and a minimum of $220,000 for the investment in a real estate project.

Obtaining citizenship and passport in Saint Kitts and Nevis - starts at $150,000

Saint Kitts and Nevis are two islands with independent governments but together form a Federation. Consequently, their Citizenship by Investment program offers impressive tax advantages by not setting taxes on income, assets, or inheritances.

In addition, anyone in the world can apply for it. However, the government conducts an extensive background check and reserves the right to approve or reject an application.

With the program, investors can make the lowest donation to the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF) of $150,000. Another form of investment is investing $400,000 in real estate, although this can be reduced to $200,000 for highly connected investors, plus related government and due diligence fees.

Obtaining citizenship and passport in St. Lucia - starts at $100,000

The St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program involves four options:

  1. An inexpensive option is a $100,000 investment to the Saint Lucia Development Fund.
  2. Investment in real estate with a minimum price of $300,000, and the authorities must approve the real estate project.
  3. The investment option is investing in government bonds starting from $500,000.
  4. Investing in a business in Saint Lucia starting from $1,000,000 (joint venture). It is important to note that the primary source of income of the island is tourism, so there are many investment opportunities.

Obtaining citizenship and passport in Vanuatu - starts at $130,000

Vanuatu comprises eight islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu is the fastest program on the CBI market. It allows to obtain citizenship within 6 weeks only. Interestingly, with the Vanuatu Passport, it is possible to travel visa-free to 145 nations, including the entire Schengen area.

There is only one system in the country to grant golden passports to foreign citizens: a non-refundable investment to the government fund for $130,000. However, it is important to note that it includes the cost of due diligence.

Golden Visa Portugal - the way to European passport

European countries like Portugal are extending their arms and granting residency to foreigners through the Golden Visa program. The golden visa is a quick way for foreign investors from countries outside the European Union to obtain a valid permanent residence in Portugal. The program's aim is straightforward and flexible with precise legal requirements. Getting the 2nd passport of Portugal can be via:

1. Investments in real estate

  • €280,000 — special projects that reduce the investment and allow an investor to obtain a residence permit.
  • €350,000 — investment in a property that is subject to reconstruction and was built 30 years ago.
  • €500,000 — investment in any real estate.

Why it is relevant now: from January 2022, Porto and Lisbon will leave this program.

2. Investment in funds from €350,000

3. Investment in business

4. Government stocks / deposit starting from €1,000,000

Citizens from all parts of the world need a second passport for different purposes. Some are driven by the motivation to travel freely, others for health or Covid-19 vaccination, and the need to move away from governments that regularly increase taxes. Since buying a second passport is in high demand, there are many scams that you can run into, so you must be very careful.

Source: Legit.ng

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