Son Looking for Way to Raise Money for Mother’s Rent Gets Surprise N411k From Oyinbo Lady

Son Looking for Way to Raise Money for Mother’s Rent Gets Surprise N411k From Oyinbo Lady

  • A young man seeking to raise funds for his mother's rent by making music on the street was surprised with a cash gift
  • A good Samaritan, Lexy Kadey, saw him and asked how much he has been able to gather for playing violin
  • Lexy handed over $1000 (N411,470.00) in cash to the surprised young man who was moved to tears by the kind gesture

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As a way to help his mother pay her house rent, a young man took to the street to do what he knows how to do best - play the violin.

With a placard that reads “Need to help my mum with rent. God bless”, the young man would make music on the street as passersby donated, Understanding Compassion reports.

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The young was able to raise $175 by making music.
The young man cried for joy when he got the gift. Photo source: Understand Compassion.
Source: UGC

Tik Tok made it possible

A woman known as Lexy Kadey saw him and knew that he really needed help. Before that encounter, Lexy had done a Venmo challenge which raised $1000 (N411,470.00).

The woman started her challenge on TikTok in the wake of the pandemic that rendered so many families jobless. Money from the venture is always given to strangers who needed it.

She gave him $1000 (N411,470.00)

Lexy approached him and asked how much he has raised so far from playing the instrument, Kevin replied $175 (N72,007.25), which was hundreds of dollars short of what was needed to pay the rent.

Lexy told him:

“So if I gave you $1,000, that would cover it? I do this thing every week, it’s called the Venmo challenge. My followers Venmo me 50 cents, a dollar, so hopefully that will cover your Mom’s rent.”

He cried

When he was given the money, Kevin was dumbstruck. Moments after, he began smiling as tears fell from his eyes.

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The man thanked the woman and all her followers on Tik Tok who made the donation possible.

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A total stranger helped a man

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a man, Donte Franklin, who walked many miles to his work every day has got the kind of help he would never have imagined months ago.

It all started when a good Samaritan, Michael Lynn, saw Donte walking one day and asked why he was doing so. He revealed that he walks over 8 miles to and from work to be able to put food on his family’s table.

Walking the miles to Buffalo Wild Wings where he works takes him more than two and half hours. No matter how hard his shift was, he repeated the same arduous trek back home.


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