Investor Olumide Soyombo, Heads of Banks, Telcos, Others Looking for 30 Entrepreneurs to Invest N8million

Investor Olumide Soyombo, Heads of Banks, Telcos, Others Looking for 30 Entrepreneurs to Invest N8million

  • Olumide Soyombo, a Nigerian tech investor, establishes Voltron Capital, alongside United State-based entrepreneur, Abe Choi
  • About 30 pre-seed and seed-stage startups will get capital investment to support their business growth across their chosen market
  • Over $20,000 will be invested in the startups, and most of the participating investors will be heads of banks, telecommunications and other sectors

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Nigerian serial tech investor, Olumide Soyombo, has established a venture backer, Voltron Capital, to increase access to funds for Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Voltron Capital consist of high net worth individuals, banks and telco executives, including other corporate heads across various sectors willing to invest.

Each of these business leaders will be investing a minimum of $10,000 through Voltron Capital, which will be participating in about 30 pre-seed and seed stage startups.

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Olumide Soyombo has partnered with heads of Banks, Telcos, other sector business leaders to invest in about 30 entrepreneurs in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and North Africa
Olumide Soyombo, co-founder of Voltron Capital. Photo: LinkedIn/TedEx
Source: UGC

Aside from Nigerian entrepreneurs, the company will also focus on Kenya, South Africa, and North African tech startups - selected entrepreneurs will receive investment worth N8 million to over N40 million.

What you need to know

Soyombo is famous amongst the Nigerian tech space, having invested in some big financial technology companies in the country, such as Paystack, PiggyVest and TeamApt.

The Systems Engineering graduate has invested in about 26 startups, and he is known as the go-to person for many tech enthusiasts looking for funds to back their innovations.

While Voltron is a new company entering the tech space in Nigeria and Africa, Soyombo has built a respectable portfolio through Bluechip Technologies since 2008.

The venture capital was co-founded alongside Abe Choi, a United States-based entrepreneur and investor.

Why Soyombo decided to start Voltron Capital

The angel investor said he was motivated to establish Voltron Capital due to his high net worth friends asking him to carry them along when investing in a tech firm.

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According to the investor:

“People, including high net worth individuals, tell me to carry them along anytime I’m investing, and then I have startups looking for capital as well."

He added that:

“All of a sudden, everyone is interested in what’s happening in the space. The HNIs that would’ve thrown money into real estate are looking for startups."

The Bluechip boss further:

"We even see older HNIs telling their children to invest on their behalf, so it’s an easier conversation to have. Most of them want to diversify their portfolio by having a piece of that pie.”

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