World Richest Man Jeff Bezos Travels Out of Earth, Goes to Space, Video Shows Him Playing ‘Ball’ With His Crew

World Richest Man Jeff Bezos Travels Out of Earth, Goes to Space, Video Shows Him Playing ‘Ball’ With His Crew

  • Jeff Bezos and his crew seized the world's attention as they journeyed to space on Monday, July 21, and stayed there for minutes
  • Video shared online showed them having fun in their craft as they got to space, with the billionaire waving at the camera
  • Mixed reactions have trailed the space travel as some questioned the significance behind such an expensive journey

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The world's richest person, Jeff Bezos, has finally landed in space after travelling with the Blue Origin spacecraft.

Posting the video on his wall, the man said that this is how it started. Sharing a fuller clip of his journey, Sky News gathers that the man returned from space after experiencing the place for minutes.

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In space, the crew and Jeff Bezos played game.
When their spacecraft came back to earth, many celebrated them. Photo source: @skynews
Source: Instagram

Dream achieved

The same media reports that going to space has always been his childhood dream, something he achieved 52 years later.

It should be noted that among those who joined him for the flight are 18-year-old Oliver Daemen and 82-year-old Wally Funk.

Watch the video that captures the whole highlights of the journey below:

Mixed reactions compiled some of the reactions below:

james_b_allport said:

"I am sure his former employees using Foodbanks to get by are pleased for him."

voproductions1 said:

"They are not astronauts. They are space tourists."

josh_sam_02 said:

"That money could of helped poor community’s across Africa makes me sick how they waste all those trillions in space."

kaypee_himself asked:

"So wats was the reason for all of this?"

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A billionaire did it before Bezos

Meanwhile, earlier reported that UK billionaire and the owner of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson, finally landed in space with four other crew members.

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It has always been the man’s dream to get to space and that was fulfilled when he shared his first video from there.

His Virgin Galactic rocket plane took off at what was called a 1.5-hour mission that took the spacecraft to an altitude that saw the sky turning black.

The launch happened above New Mexico at 08:30 EST. His company provided live streaming of the event.


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