1st Black US Billionaire Wants African Americans to Be Paid N5.7 Quadrillion as Reparation for Slavery

1st Black US Billionaire Wants African Americans to Be Paid N5.7 Quadrillion as Reparation for Slavery

  • The first black billionaire in America, Robert L Johnson, has come out and expressed his views on slavery and racism and the impact they still have on black Americans
  • According to Johnson, black Americans need to be compensated immediately for everything they were put through by the country many decades ago
  • Johnson has come up with an amount that he figures will help counter the economic imbalance that was brought about by racism and slavery

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Robert L Johnson, the first black man in America to become a billionaire and the owner of BET, has shared some controversial views about racism and slavery in the country. According to Johnson, it's about time black people got compensated.

Johnson demands African-Americans receive reparations immediately

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Johnson has now said that black Americans need to be given around $14 trillion (N5,754,000,000,000,000) to help balance the economic inequality that came as a result of racism and slavery all those years ago. He also said that this must happen ASAP.

Robert L Johnson, black American, racism, slacery, reparations
Robert L Johnson has said that black Americans must be compensated. Image: Taylor Hill
Source: UGC

Johnson denounces "new" kinds of reparations

According to Johnson, there are many new kinds of reparations happening in the country which are being carried out in a manner that makes the situation less controversial and not divisive. Johnson said government black housing schemes and business pledges are some of these "new" reparations. And this is something he is not happy about.

According to NBC, Johnson believes all living descendants in the United States of once-enslaved African Americans deserve to be compensated directly and not under the guise of a project that promises to give millions to the black community but only does half of what's promised.

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CNBC reported that Johnson wants to go big with his ideas for reparation.

Nigerians relocating abroad could ‘end up in modern slavery’

Legit.ng previously reported that the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) came under criticism after it shared a post advising Nigerians to "think deeply" before accepting offers to relocate abroad for a better life.

The short message which was shared on the agency's Twitter handle on Saturday, April 3, read:

“Hey Guys, you may need to think deeply over that bogus offer of a better life abroad. You may end up in modern day slavery. Not all that glitters is gold."

It appears the NIS was trying to caution Nigerians on some of the dangers associated with accepting bogus offers of a better life abroad, such as human trafficking.

Source: Legit.ng

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