Young Man Wows Many with Acrobatic Moves, Turns Himself to a "Car" and Rolls Across the Road

Young Man Wows Many with Acrobatic Moves, Turns Himself to a "Car" and Rolls Across the Road

  • In a video, a young man displayed acrobatic skills that got many people on social media thrilled
  • The man entertained onlookers with different styles including somersaulting and standing on his hands and putting both legs on his head
  • He also maintained the position of a car, but he didn't only maintain this position, he rolled himself across the road

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A young man has wowed social media users with his acrobatic moves in a cute video that was shared online.

In the video posted on Facebook by Ayo Ojeniyi, the man started off by displaying martial art moves before somersaulting and standing on his hands and sending his legs backwards to have his head between them.

He could be seen doing push-up while maintaining this position.

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The young man is so flexible
The young man wowed many with his acrobatic skills. Photo credit: Ayo Ojeniyi
Source: Facebook

The young man thrilled onlookers with different styles. While standing on his hands, his legs rested on his head comfortably and he twisted his waist as if dancing to music, which got people laughing.

Interesting, the highlight of the video was when he turned himself into a "car" and rolled himself across the road.

He maintained a position that had his legs jutting out from his armpits, closed and released his fingers multiple times as if indicating that a car's pointers were switched on, and finally made a hand movement that is similar to a driver putting the gear on drive, before rolling himself across the road.

Many are impressed

Comrade Kewaba said:

"I recommend you for d next Olympics."

Kunle Talents Yakub commented:

"Plenty of them abound across the nation to discover but the Athletics federation of Nigeria are busy sitting in the office drinking coffee."

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Olatunde Oladunjoye Pictures wrote:

"This guy is too good, somebody should take this guy to America talent hunt show please."

Ayo Alli said:

"Nigeria will never see people like this to represent them in Olympic gymnastics."

Beautiful lady does acrobatic moves with heels

In similar news, a good-looking woman has caused a massive stir on social media after she was captured somersaulting and standing on her hands.

The unidentified lady showed great body flexibility as she made the moves while on heels.

In the video shared on Instagram by @kingtundeednut, she first stood on her hands and made to walk with it for some seconds before switching to her feet and following it up with an eye-catching somersault.

Source: Legit

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