Bridesmaids, Groomsmen Thrill Guests with Amazing Dancing Skills, Display Different Types of Legwork in Video

Bridesmaids, Groomsmen Thrill Guests with Amazing Dancing Skills, Display Different Types of Legwork in Video

  • Weddings are beautiful and dancing is one of the activities that make it so; five adorable videos has further proven this
  • In the videos, some bridesmaids and groomsmen entertained the guests with their amazing dancing skills
  • The groom and the bride also showed the guests the stuff they were made of as the guests cheered them on

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Some bridesmaids and groomsmen got the guests thrilled at a wedding party with their amazing skills and the videos have gone viral on social media.

@maxwelljennings shared six videos on its page. In each video, a bridesmaid is paired with a groomsman and the duo displayed their dancing skills on the dance floor.

The bridesmaid and groomsmen entertained the guests
The bridesmaid and groomsmen thrilled fans with their dancing skills. Photo credit: @maxwelljennings
Source: Instagram

In the first slide, a beautiful bridesmaid and a groomsman walked onto the stage and wowed the audience with their steps. The bridesmaid was determined to defeat the groomsman but it seemed to end in a stalemate.

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The second slide shows another pair slugging it out with each other. A slender lady danced so effortlessly with a groomsman. Her legwork is topnotch and the groomsman realised that he was losing the game and decided to spray the lady some dollar notes.

In the third slide, the groomsman also sprayed the lady after she showed him the stuff she was made of.

The fourth slide shows another slender lady displaying her amazing legwork. She was energetic as she danced to Rexxie's KPK.

The bridesmaid in the fifth slide stole the show as she danced to Bella Shmurda's Cash App. Her energy was second to none. The groomsman she was paired with did not disturb himself to defeat her as he sprayed her some dollar notes to save himself from embarrassment.

In the sixth slide, the groom and his bride also wowed the audience with their dancing skills as the former sprayed the latter some dollar bills.

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Number di not come to play

Fans had a lot to say about the dancing skills of the bridesmaids and groomsmen


Number 5!!!!! Is she a professional dancer? She didn’t come to play with y’all!!!


"Number 5 knew this was a Maxwell Jennings production !!!"


"It was going to be 4 but the way 5 showed up..."

Nigerian lady wows many with amazing legwork in heels

In similar news, a Nigerian lady has got many people talking after displaying amazing dancing skills in a viral video that was shared on social media.

In the video, the lady was surrounded by a lot of people who were wowed as she did the legwork dance in heels.

The young lady wore a short gown and danced effortlessly to the excitement of her audience who kept screaming.


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