Powerful Moment 200 Level Medical Students Quickly Save a Woman’s Life During Flight, Many Praise Them

Powerful Moment 200 Level Medical Students Quickly Save a Woman’s Life During Flight, Many Praise Them

  • Two second-year medical students of LSU, Lauren Bagneris and Duplessis, were able to save a woman's life during a flight to Greece
  • When calls for professional help became futile, the duo stepped forward and offered assistance with the help of a doctor on the ground
  • Social media users and their university acknowledged their bravery in rising up to a challenge that could have turned fatal

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A mother, Suzette Bagneris, has taken to LinkedIn to reveal how her daughter, Lauren of Louisiana State University (LSU) medical school, and her classmate, Heather Duplessis saved a woman’s life.

Both 200-level students, the ladies moved swiftly to action when emergency help was requested while they were aboard a plane.

A doctor on the gound was on call to help the ladies.
Many people praised their heroic actions. Photo source: LinkedIn/Suzette Bagneris
Source: UGC

The girls came forward

Suzette revealed that her daughter and friend had to quickly step in when help did not come on time.

Photo shared on LinkedIn showed the duo attending to the woman as they stood on the aisle, while the patient remained in her seat.

Super medical coordination

The plane was going to Greece. Fox News reports that the students were able to save the woman by communicating with a doctor on the ground.

Lauren and Duplessis first calmed the woman by giving her some juice when she became light-headed.

They are compassionate beings

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions to the development:

Marco Sanchez said:

"Compassionate, smart, and talented ladies. The medical field is blessed to have them Suzette Bagneris."

Jacque Rushin said:

"What a way to step in to your purpose!"

Ricky Flores said:

"They raised their hand when no one else would. We all have our obligations but there is nothing more powerful in this world than looking at a situation and saying 'that is none of my business but it is about to be'. Thank you to your daughter and her peer for being good people."

Sharon Walker said:

"Thank the Lord for preparing them for this emergency!"

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A pilot saved the day

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a video showed a female pilot, Eva Gichuru, getting massive praise from people at the airport after safely bringing a plane to land following bad weather conditions.

It was a moment laced with great pride and happiness as people gathered at the lounge to welcome the flight crew.

As the crew came into sight, the passengers started clapping. One of them shouted "that's she" as a way to point out the heroine of the day.

Source: Legit.ng

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