This is Lovely: Many React to Video of Adorable 2-Year-Old Boy Making Mum Breakfast at 3am

This is Lovely: Many React to Video of Adorable 2-Year-Old Boy Making Mum Breakfast at 3am

- South Africans are showing love to a young man who got busy in the kitchen making mum breakfast around 3am

- The two-year-old toddler is seen in a video clip that's going viral where he is in his pyjamas making cereal for his mother

- went to the comments section to look at the reactions to the boy’s sweet effort to prepare his mum a delicious breakfast

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An adorable kid decided to treat his mother to a breakfast meal in the wee hours of the day and the gesture has received rave reviews.

Posted by the Maletsatsi Foundation on Facebook, the video clip shows the young man busy in the kitchen preparing cereal for his mum.

Zooming in on the video, one can see a milk container, a box of cereal and some other kitchen utensils.

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This is Lovely: Many React to Video of Adorable 2-Year-Old Boy Making Mum Breakfast at 3am
Social media users couldn't believe their eyes when a toddler decided to make his mum breakfast around 3am. Image: Facebook
Source: UGC

What makes it so adorable is the fact that the little man was so driven to deliver a delicious breakfast to his mother, still dressed in his pyjamas. The post caption says:

“You mean to tell me you didn’t also make breakfast in your parents’ room at 3am? Bokomo Weet-Bix South Africa... yours is one of the most consumed things in our home (we’re going through about 600 ‘biscuits’ a month).
“It is so loved that little people find it suitable to pillage our kitchen for it in the middle of the night! We’d so love it if you wanted to help us out with a few boxes each month... this would be a small way you could make a big difference to our little humans.” looks at the comments section from Mzansi followers; many are shaken and charmed by the young man, whom they see as an inspiration.

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@Ute Kendzia said:

“This made me laugh. How beautiful. Just love how he neatly closes the box again but yes??? Middle of the night??”

@Tanama Calotropis said:

“Aw, he looked so shy and sorry when he realised it wasn’t the best idea.”

@Melanie Maree said:

“That has made my heart melt… Thank you for sharing and for all the amazing love you all give the babies....”

@Lauren Bartlett Salters said:

“Most precious boy!”

@Sasha De Sousa said:

“Oh bless him!!!!”

In other news, a very funny video of a man and a baby has gone viral as it got many people talking on social media.

In the short clip, the man who some believed to be his father fist-bumped with the kid. Afterwards, he went into unrelated talk trying to tell the child what never even happened.

In the middle of the conversation, the baby made a meaningless contribution that suddenly got both of them laughing.


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