Tana Ramsay biography: What is known about Gordon Ramsay’s wife?

Tana Ramsay biography: What is known about Gordon Ramsay’s wife?

Tana Ramsay is a famous English TV presenter and the author of bestselling cookbooks. Many people also know her as the wife of British chef Gordon Ramsay. What do you know about her and Gordon Ramsay's family?

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If you have ever seen Gordon in action, you have probably wondered, "Who is the lucky lady he cooks delightful delicacies for? " Here is all you need to know about her and the entire Gordon Ramsay family.

Profile summary

  • Name: Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay (née Hutchenson)
  • Profession: TV presenter, author
  • Date of birth: 23 August 1974
  • Gordon Ramsay wife age: 46 years (as of September 2020)
  • Place of birth: Croydon, Surrey, England
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: 5

Tana Ramsay biography

Tana comes from Croydon, Surrey, England. She was born Cayetana Elizabeth in the family of Greta and Chris Hutcheson.

Apart from Tana, her parents gave birth to four more children. She has two brothers – Adam and Chris – and two sisters, Victoria and Orlanda Butland.

She spent her early childhood years on a farm in Kent. Before she pursued a career in the education sector, she was involved in her father’s business.

When was Tana Ramsay born?

How old is Tana Ramsay?

She was born on 23 August 1974. Tana Ramsay age is 46 years as of September 2020.

How did Gordon and Tana Ramsay meet?

chef Ramsay wife
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Is Gordon Ramsay married? Yes, he is, and his wife is the beautiful Tana.

Tana met Gordon in 1992 when she was only 18. At the time, she was dating Gordon's friend – Tim – who worked as a sous chef. After the two broke things off, Gordon swooped in, and he and Tana began dating.

As Gordon was already a chef, he led a hectic life, and he could not get off work until late at night — or early in the morning — and Tana would wait up to spend time with him.

Tana revealed,

“We'd meet up in the small hours. That was the only way we could be together, and we really wanted to be together.”

In 1996, Gordon and Tana exchanged vows in Chelsea.


gordon ramsay family
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In the early years of their marriage, Gordon Ramsay and wife struggled to conceive. Tana was also diagnosed with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and Gordon admitted to James Cordon on The Late Late Show that his job was also behind their fertility problems:

"I had a very low sperm count on the back of standing in the kitchen for that length of time close to the stove."

The couple decided to get a child via IVF treatment, and they succeeded.

As of today, the couple has five children:

  • Megan (1998) - She graduated from Oxford Brookes in 2019.
  • Twins Jack and Holly (2000). Jack recently joined the Royal Marines after finishing his degree at Exeter University. Holly has a passion for fashion, and she is signed to Established Modelling Agency.
  • Matilda (2001). Like her father, she is also interested in cooking. She stars alongside her celebrity father on her CBBC show, Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch.
  • Oscar (2019).

Before they welcomed Oscar, Gordon Ramsay and wife lost a baby to late miscarriage at five months. This happened in 2016.

Gordon announced the devastating news on his Facebook page:

“Hi guys, Tana and I want to thank you so much for your support over the past couple of weeks. We had a devastating weekend as Tana has sadly miscarried our son at five months. We're together healing as a family, but we want to thank everyone again for all your amazing support and well wishes. I’d especially like to send a big thank you to the amazing team at Portland Hospital for everything they’ve done. Gx”

How much is Tana Ramsay worth?

Chef Ramsay wife has made an immense fortune from her professional activity. As of today, her net worth is $3 million.

She has earned this amount from:

  • Working as a TV presenter.
  • Earnings from working as a Montessori-trained schoolteacher.
  • Earnings from being a primary cast member of the British cooking entertainment program Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch.
  • Income from the sale of her cookbooks, such as I Love to Bake, Tana's Kitchen Secret, and Tana Ramsay's Real Family Food

Tana Ramsay and her husband have been married for 24 years now. They have endured a lot together, but their love is as strong as ever.

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