50+ this or that questions that can serve as great icebreakers

50+ this or that questions that can serve as great icebreakers

This or that questions are excellent icebreakers that help to start a good conversation. Social interaction does not come easy for all people, but this exciting game will make it easier.

this vs that game
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Making a conversation with strangers is not easy. A game is an excellent tool that helps to overcome this issue.

What is this or that game?

It is a simple talking game where players choose which of two items they prefer.

This or that questions for all occasions

Activate people’s imagination by using familiar topics or questions that reveal their values, talents, experiences, and even the challenges they have coped with in the past.

  • Jogging or hiking?
  • Ocean or mountains?
  • Rap or rock?
  • Email or letter?
  • Passenger or driver?
  • Rich or successful?
  • Dancing or singing?
  • Meat or vegetables?
  • TV or book?
  • Flying or driving?

This or that questions for kids

This or That questions
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While playing this or that game with your children, you can have fun and still learn some interesting things about them.

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  1. Mickey Mouse or Dora the Explorer?
  2. Baseball or football?
  3. Zoo or aquarium?
  4. Coke or Pepsi?
  5. Xbox or PlayStation?
  6. Nintendo or Sega?
  7. Guitar or piano?
  8. Drawing or painting?
  9. Marvel or DC Comics?
  10. Spongebob or Patrick?

This vs that game questions for work

This or That
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These ice breaker questions are an effective way to make a new employee feel comfortable in your team, turn a boring atmosphere into a relaxed environment for communication, and manage a remote team.

  • Train or plane?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • Dine-in or delivery?
  • Book or eBook?
  • Stop or go?
  • Big party or small gathering?
  • Rich and bored or employed and tired?

Funny this or that questions

Here are some of the best fun questions to ask:

  1. Toilet paper: over or under?
  2. Big ears or big nose?
  3. Touch or taste?
  4. Prince or frog?
  5. Student or teacher?
  6. Trash or treasure?
  7. Underwater or up in the air?
  8. Doctor or patient?

This or that questions for couples or adults

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this or that questions for couples
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The game is a perfect tool not only for entertainment but also for gauging compatibility with your partner.

  • Off or on?
  • What is worse: laundry or dishes?
  • International vacation or a new TV?
  • Forest or beach
  • Dogs or babies?
  • Store-bought gifts or handmade?
  • Boxers or briefs?
  • Tattoos or piercings?
  • Smoking or non-smoking?
  • Wet or dry?
  • Intelligent or funny?
  • Save or spend?
  • Netflix or YouTube?
  • Hugs or kisses?
  • Dyed hair or natural colors?
  • Matching or mismatched socks?
  • Marry or live-in relationship?
  • Buttoned up or unbuttoned?
  • Riches or happiness?
  • Hang out with friends or stay at home?
  • Savings or credit cards?
  • Bikini or one-piece?
  • Funny or romantic?
  • Fix it yourself or call a professional?
  • Breakfast or no breakfast?
  • Older or younger?
  • Hot tub or hot spring?
  • Cry or scream?
  • Early bird or night owl?
  • Personal chef or personal fitness trainer?
  • Shower in the morning or shower in the evening?
  • Sunrise or sunset?

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How to play this or that game

This or That icebreaker
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The game's concept is identical to the one of would you rather, in which a person chooses between two actions.

In this game, each question offers you two choices. You have to answer by selecting only one of them, even if neither appeals to you. The game works well for any group size and age.

There are several ways to play the this versus that game:

  • Players ask either or questions one by one
  • A player selects a particular answer to a question. The other people should guess what he selected.

The winner is the player who has the highest score.

You can ask this or that icebreaker questions at work, in the car, at school, at camp, or anytime you want to begin a conversation with someone.

Ask this or that questions and let people work through the answers. Enjoy communication with friends or colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere!

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