10 weird games to play when you are bored and stuck at home

10 weird games to play when you are bored and stuck at home

Given that the entire world is battling a pandemic, you are probably stuck at home, doing your best to flatten the curve. As you do this, you have the chance to explore many things about yourself, including your talents, likes, dislikes, and more. This is also the opportune time for you to discover some cool stuff on the internet, such as weird games that you never thought existed. You will be surprised at how weird these games actually are. Buckle up!

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Are you sitting at home completely bored? Have you played all the games you can think of? If this is you, then you have landed on the right page, because we have compiled a list of the strangest games ever created.

Top 10 weird games that you should give a try

The following is a compilation of weird games to play when you are bored.

Weird online games

Here is a list of some of the weirdest browser games that are not just strange but also fun to play.

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1. Poop It

weird games to play with friends
Image: facebook.com, @Poop It
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Poop It is as strange as it sounds. This online game involves friendly-looking piles of googly-eyed poop. The player must squash them as fast as possible or make them look all the same before their time runs out.

If the player has eight brown googly-eyed poops, they need to tap on them as fast as possible to earn some extra seconds. If the player gets two green and six brown ones, they need to tap on the green poops to make them all look brown.

Poop It is very easy to play.

2. While We Sleep: Slendrina is Here

This is a weird horror game. The player must find keys and fight evil beings.

You can play While We Sleep: Slendrina Is Here on a web browser or the app.

3. Face Love!

Face Love! is a weird online character creation game made by Gabe Lane. In Face Love!, the player assumes the role of an engineer at a face factory.

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The player's job is to make all kinds of faces to keep the factory running.

Weird video games

The following are some weird games to play with friends that will keep you entertained for hours.

4. Mister Mosquito

Weirdest games ever
Image: facebook.com, @Gina Bernal-Thompson
Source: UGC

This 2002 game is centred on the one thing mosquitoes do, sucking blood. It is a single-player video game where the player controls the main character, Mister Mosquito, who is an unwelcome guest of the Yamada family.

As the mosquito, the player's job is to suck enough blood to survive for the winter. The mosquito will be sucking the blood out of the Yamadas, which includes Rena Yamada (the daughter) alongside her mother, Kaneyo Yamada, and her father, Kenichi Yamada.

If the player is not careful, the family members might wake up and kill Mister Mosquito.

5. Seaman

Seaman was released on 29th July 1999. It is, without question, one of the weirdest games ever made.

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The player is tasked with raising a seaman (a speaking tadpole-human hybrid) from its zygotic state till it becomes a fully grown creature with a human face.

The player needs to provide the seaman with the care, company and attention it needs. Otherwise, it would die.

The seaman is an odd-looking creature. It is a form of freshwater fish with a human face and human-like mannerisms.

6. Sneak King

weird games to play
Image: facebook.com, @Sneak King
Source: UGC

Sneak King is one of the strange games of 2006. It was released in 2006 by Burger King as part of a holiday season promotion. It involves a player controlling the Burger King mascot, who is also the lead character, The King.

The mascot is tasked with sneaking up on everyday people and presenting them with Burger King food when they least expect it.

The success of a delivery involves the player sneaking up behind a non-player character.

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7. Japan World Cup

No, Japan World Cup is not about football. In fact, it is a racing simulation video game. It was developed and published by Cinema Keib.

The player is requested to place bets on their selected racehorse before the race begins. There is minimal gameplay involved; all the player can do is sit and watch to see if their horse manages to win.

It is a strange game that appears to be about horse racing in Japan, but once it starts, the player is thrown into a world of confusion. Some horses have weird hairstyles or strange bodies, and some of them aren't even horses at all.

Japan World Cup is loaded with seemingly silly antics, strange things for jockeys to ride — whether it's an elephant, yeti, trojan horse, or a barrel with human legs sticking out posing as a horse.

Weird flash games

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Flash games are played online, and they require the flash player; you do not need to spend any additional effort on installation and configuration. What is needed is a plug-in in the browser that supports this technology.

You do not need hi-tech devices before you can run flash applications; even an old computer can run a flash game.

Although flash games are no longer going to exist after the year 2020, these weird browser games are still worth a try:

8. Abyssal Dream

Abyssal Dream was made in 72 hours. Its storyline involves a man who sees a strange light and decides to explore the peculiar world even though his wife begs him not to.

Players can explore a strange world while mastering their shapeshifting capabilities. They also get to unlock a multitude of shapes and discover their strengths and weaknesses.

9. Rose and Camellia

The player is a commoner who marries into nobility. Unfortunately, her husband dies, and now she has to defend herself against his family. The player needs to defend her honour against the dead husband's relatives through an elegant slap battle.

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10. Nose Hairs of Fury

Nose Hairs of Fury involves the player using the character's nose hairs to kill Hair Hunter martial artists.

Weird games are strange yet remarkable sources of fun and entertainment. Which among the ones listed above have you tried before? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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