Top Google hacks: Fun and useful things you can do on Google

Top Google hacks: Fun and useful things you can do on Google

Google is a world-renowned search engine that has continuously organized information and made it easily accessible all over the world. Besides the useful information search though, there are several just-for-fun Google hacks, tips, and tricks. Did you know that you could even play certain PC games by simply looking them up on Google?

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What can I type into Google for tricks? If you want your search engine to offer more than just results, we have got your back.

Over the years, there have been numerous Doodles but did you know that a few search queries can give you hours of entertainment? Let us take a look at the most interesting Google hacks.

Top Google hacks and tricks

Here is a look at some of the most fun things to Google.

1. Set a timer

Google 'set timer for x amount of time' and the search engine pulls up a timer. Press start and the timer will beep when the time runs out.

2. Barrel roll

The barrel roll is irrefutably among the most famous cool tricks on Google. Searching 'do a barrel roll' does a 360° rotation of the results. This is in reference to the iconic Star Fox game where barrel rolls provided days of fun.

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3. Find your IP address

Your IP address is the address or logical location of your computer when it's connected to the internet. To get this, type 'what is my IP into the search bar.'

4. Flip a coin

Do you need to make an instant decision but are not sure which way to go? Ask the search engine to 'flip a coin', and it is done.

5. Find local sunrise or sunset time

To quickly identify the sunrise or sunset time of whatever city you are in, simply type 'sunrise time [area]' into the search box and press search.

6. Solitaire

Are you alone and bored? Kill some time by playing one of the world's favourite one-player games, Solitaire. Simply search 'solitaire'.

You can change the difficulty level, depending on your skill level. Solitaire is among the easiest game-related Google search hacks.

7. Find the local time

If you are hopping from airport to airport, this feature can come in handy. Just search 'time in area' or 'local time' and voila.

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8. Earth view

The search engine knows a lot and can answer almost any question, but it has no answer to existentialism. But, if you go to its maps' satellite view and zoom out as far as you can, you will get a view of the Earth from space with real-time shadows.

To access this, type 'maps' into the search bar and click on Google Maps.

9. Noughts and crosses

Play this game against a bot in easy, medium, and impossible difficulty settings or challenge somebody nearby to share a mouse. Simply search 'noughts and crosses game' using the search engine.

10. Find the time in another region

Do you have a business meeting with someone in another time zone and do not want to make a blunder when scheduling a meeting? Simply type in 'local time in' followed by the region and the search engine will have you sorted.

11. Pacman

Have you ever heard of the Google Pacman hack? The world's most famous yellow, ghost-avoiding circle is available to play with a simple 'Pacman' search. Just use the arrow keys to navigate your way past Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.

12. Flight simulator

Ever wanted to try flying a plane but did not have tens of thousands of hours and even more money? Using Google Earth, press ctrl+alt+A for a basic flight simulation experience.

For the simulator to work, one has to have Google Earth installed on their device. This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting cool things to do on Google.

13. Easy tip calculator

Google can help you with that pesky task that can leave both you and your server with awkward tension, calculating tip percentage. Just type it in 'tip calculator,' then select the appropriate tip percentage as well as the total bill. The tool is also perfect for splitting the tab between friends.

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14. Local weather

If you type 'weather in area' into the Google search bar, the search engine will give you weather-related information about the area. This includes wind, precipitation, humidity, and temperature.

15. Written numbers

This one has to be the easiest one among all Google hidden tricks. Type any string of digits into the search engine with an '=English' or 'in English' to follow and the output will write the number out for you.

16. Dice roll

Have you ever had to pause a dice-related game due to a missing die? Worry no more. Type 'roll a die' into the Google search bar and it will do it for you.

17. Mind reading search tips

As an April fool's joke years ago, Google released MentalPlex, which has been kept in its original form for you to enjoy today. Simply Google 'MentalPlex' and stare into the MentalPlex circle while mentally projecting what you would like to see.

18. The answer to life

The only thing you did not think you could find on the internet is here. If you search 'answer to life the universe and everything,' you will be pleasantly surprised that there is indeed an answer. Fans of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams knew the answer, though.

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19. Tilt/ askew

If you search 'askew', the search engine will shift your world. The entire results page will be slightly askew to the right.

20. Fun fact

Random knowledge can go a long way, especially if you and your friends are into pointless factoids. Search for 'fun fact' or 'I'm feeling curious' and a snippet of newly acquired intelligence will appear on the screen.

21. Recursion

What are some cool Google tricks for word nerds? If you type 'recursion' into the search box, the search engine suggests 'recursion' as an alternative. If you click on the suggestion, it becomes a never-ending loop!

22. Quick multiplication

You can use the search engine as a quick calculator. To multiply numbers, simply type 'number 1 * number 2' and press search.

23. Bacon number

The American actor and musician Kevin Bacon has been around for a while. If you are wondering how many degrees of separation there are between another film star and Kevin, search '[insert actor] bacon number'.

Be warned though, it is pretty difficult to get a three and near impossible to find somebody with a four.

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24. Bletchley Park

Google has given the famous code-deciphering arena of the Second World War a nice touch. Search for the now-museum, and the knowledge graph will begin to decode the title. Input 'Bletchley Park' into the search bar and press enter.

25. Currency converter

Ask the search engine to convert one currency to another. Type 'convert currency 1 to currency 2.'

26. What is the loneliest number?

Ask 'what is the loneliest number', and you will get the answer in a calculator.


Want to see something really random? Go to your address bar and type '' and you will be taken to an error page asking you to tip the tea into the teacup. Click the teapot to do just that.

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28. Find a flight

Ask Google to 'find a flight from A to B'. The results will often have price comparisons for the available flights.

29. Google in 1998

If you did not have access to the internet or a computer in 1998 and are wondering how the search engine looked back then, do not fret. Search 'Google in 1998' and all shall be revealed.

30. Definition of

Type 'definition of' into Google followed by the word you want to define, and the results will bring up a featured definition snippet.

31. Synonym of

Similar to the definition, type in 'synonym of' and the word whose synonyms you'd like and Google will surface a snippet with the synonyms.

32. Find lyrics

Do you have a song stuck in your head or are you having a friendly dispute with a coworker or loved one as to what the actual lyrics of a song are? Simply type 'lyrics to' and the name of the song.

33. Google gravity

This is a little handy trick that makes it seem like the search engine results just succumbed to gravity, and all went to the bottom of the page. Simply search 'Google Gravity' and click on the Mr. Doob result.

Now that you have discovered some fun Google hacks, feel free to go ahead and try the ones you found most interesting.


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