What are twin souls (flames): definition, symptoms, stages

What are twin souls (flames): definition, symptoms, stages

Have you ever developed a deep connection with someone, or do you settle for relationships that simply feel comfortable? Well, twin souls and soul mates are a great example of the kind of people who experience a deeper and genuine connection within a specific relationship setting.

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Unlike popular belief, soulmate and twin flame love do not mean the same thing. Therefore, these terms cannot be used interchangeably as they represent different types of connections. However, twin flames and twin souls mean the same thing.

What is a twin flame?

A large number of people seek to truly understand what are twin flames, and the nature of this kind of a connection. Once you know, you will be able to determine if you have experienced it or not. If not yet, you will now be aware of the situation when presented to you.

A twin flame can be defined as the other half of your soul. This is made possible after a soul ascends to a higher frequency then splits and settles into two different bodies.

If you are lucky enough to have this kind of person existent in your life, you are destined to meet at some point. As magnets come together, the intensity of this type of connection is similar.

With this individual, you will instantly feel a strong sense of recognition. It will also feel like you have known each other for a significantly long time.

As you are like mirrors of one other, the relationship tends to be pretty intensive. Your self-knowledge becomes elevated with this type of person as they provide a more profound sense of wholeness and self-awareness.

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In this setting, both happiness and conflict have a possibility of being evident in the relationship. This entirely depends on the individuals involved. If both parties love themselves, it is possible to develop and maintain a healthy relationship.

Additionally, they should be able to openly demonstrate their love for each other, as well as uphold honesty. A lack of these things could result in the twin flames growing apart despite all the energy bringing them together.

What is the difference between twin souls and a soulmate?

Without deep knowledge on this topic, it can be hard to do a soulmate vs twin flame comparison. Therefore, it is necessary to understand these terms on a deeper level.

A soulmate can be defined as a person or people who are in alignment with your soul. They have the capability of altering and influencing your soul. Once their purpose is fulfilled in your life, a separation may occur.

Interestingly, most people do not only have one soulmate but several. Soulmates are close friends that have a deep and personal understanding of each other.

On the contrary, a twin flame relationship entails a divine union that has a divine purpose. As mentioned earlier, it is formed when two souls formed from one soul meet. Also, you can only have one in your lifetime.

For this type of connection, the two individuals are kept together by the magnetic attraction that exists between them. The relationship created here is usually very intense.

Twin flame vs soulmate is a comparison that is quite distinctive. The most striking difference is that you can have multiple soulmates but only one twin flame.

The purpose of soulmates is to prepare and mentor you for life ahead. You easily understand each other, grow, and become better versions of yourselves together. On the flip side, a twin flame connection serves the purpose of completing a mission as their soul and energy are similar.

Twin flames signs

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Some people have already met their spiritual twins and failed to recognize it as they were not aware of the meaning of their feelings.

Twin flame signs go a long way in helping people understand and analyze the situation that they could be in. Twin flame symptoms also play a massive role in this. Here are some of these signs and symptoms:

  • With the other person, you feel like you are in a safe place, more like home. It is a judge-free zone where you can feel comfortable and secure.
  • You feel as if you have known each other before or are meant to be one. These are the kind of people whose initial conversations are like those of best friends.
  • There is the freedom to be your true self. Feelings of judgment, persecution, or rejection are non-existent. You can easily open up to them and tell them every detail of the day, a situation, or experience.
  • There is a form of balance where their bright side balances your dark side and vice versa. This may seem insignificant, but having this kind of support is out of this world.
  • You make each other unleash the best versions of yourselves. As positivity blooms in such a setting, you simply feel and want to be happy around one another.
  • Empathy is highly eminent due to the consciousness of the energy present at every moment with each other. You both know the right words to say most times, if not always. This is because you can easily decipher each other’s emotions. This allows you to be aware of the right words to use and actions to take during each moment.
  • The connection is intense, and aspirations and values are similar.
  • It feels like you have been waiting for each other all your lives.
  • The relationship developed is extensive. Therefore, you become each other’s best friend, partner, nurturer, teacher, and so on.
  • There is no need to lie about anything. As honesty is one of the major factors that lead to a flourishing union, there is no need to jeopardize a lovely thing with lies that could sooner or later be discovered.

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  • It entails learning essential life lessons through each other’s past experiences.
  • It is easier to uphold values such as empathy, forgiveness, open-mindedness, and gratitude.
  • Different childhoods were experienced; thus, different lessons to learn and wounds to heal.
  • One person appears to be more emotionally mature than the other. Therefore, they act as the confidant, teacher, counsellor, and mentor, in the relationship.
  • There is the development of a feeling that you will play very important roles in each other’s lives without knowing how, when, or why.
  • An intense connection occurs immediately after meeting. Due to the strong energy radiated between you, there is an instant click. You can talk for hours on the first meetup, just like people who have been together for a long time.
  • Even after deciding to be in a relationship, you feel free and happy. This is way better than feeling like someone’s property.

Which are the twin flames stages?

One of the most remarkable moments in life must be the moment you meet your twin flame. This marks the start of a new part of your life, and it can sometimes be overwhelming.

There are various stages to go through before and after the coming together of these two individuals. Some people move through them fast, while others take their time, all due to various reasons.

However, the growth rate of the relationship should not be considered as an issue as long as the energy and connection are present.

There are seven crucial twin flame stages associated with this amazing experience.

1. The search

This stage is characterized by a strong sense of yearning and an awareness of something missing in one’s life. You may not have been thinking about meeting your twin flame or soulmate, but you suddenly start believing that your better half is truly existent.

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This feeling may come along with some doubt at first. With time, you start being truly convicted that there is a high possibility of meeting someone who will be very special to you.

You also begin making preparations to receive this person in your life. Some people take up therapy while others start using their journal and doing other new things, with the sole objective of being in the right mental and emotional space.

Interestingly, some people are not consciously aware of the reason they feel compelled to make these changes in their lives. Meanwhile, the feeling of the likelihood of meeting someone special persists.

2. The awakening

As you tend to become aware during and after physical contact or interaction with this special human, you instantly feel compatible. Despite the amount of time consumed during the first encounter with this person, the energy felt is undeniably strong.

The awakening could also occur in a dream before coming across the other party in real life. Once you get to the physical aspect of this stage, it may feel intoxicating and impossible to stop thinking about them after your first encounter.

3. The test

This stage involves getting to understand the relationship. The two are able to establish boundaries as they are already past the heavenly-like experience of being head over heels in love with each other.

This phase is only attainable after there has been ample time to enjoy the ‘honeymoon’ experience of the twin flames love. It is a very crucial step, especially if the union seeks to develop a meaningful and long-term relationship.

Some of the things that occur here are discussing future aspirations, as well as how to deal with obstacles that may arise to hinder them from manifesting.

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Similar to how you sometimes engage in conflict with some parts of yourself, this type of conflict could take place in this union. The method of conflict resolution and the ability to communicate during such a time determine whether there will be a future for the twin flame relationship or not.

4. The crisis

At this point, there is the development of worries and anxiety caused by changes in the nature of the bond present.

The changes may occur as a result of feeling betrayed, sad or having self-love issues. Certain memories could trigger these feelings.

Despite the compatibility of these two individuals being based on supernatural energy, they may decide to separate if things fail to work out.

This may be an undesirable phase, but people should transform the crisis into a chance to develop a more stable and deeper relationship. This way, the likelihood of separation will be minimal.

5. The chasing or running

This next stage is all about moving, despite the outcome of the crisis. One person starts escaping and being avoidant, while the other is usually chasing after the avoidant party. Sometimes, these roles alternate from time to time.

Mostly, it starts when the avoidant distances themselves, often as a result of the fear of confronting the level of intimacy capable of being achieved in such a powerful connection. Therefore, they end up being pretty defensive.

On the other hand, the other partner starts to chase the defensive one as they believe that they can work through the misunderstandings or fear of what the future holds, together.

To leave this stage, it is necessary that one lover stops trying to flee, while the other quits trying to push things forcefully.

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To complete this phase, with evident positive results, the couple must understand that there are forces at work beyond their control.

6. The surrender

This phase involves giving up the need to be in control of the chemistry in the relationship. This means allowing destiny to play its role, as well as leaving things to flow and evolve naturally.

When this is done, both of you will be able to let go of former anxieties, allowing you to enjoy living in the moment.

To obtain positive results in this phase, you must take the initiative to work on the problems that developed at both the fourth and fifth stages.

For the majority of couples in such a situation, their major issue narrows down to the fact that there is a mirror effect. Therefore, each person should work on themselves so that their reflections on one other can be satisfying and encouraging.

7. The reunion and joining

As the final stage, there is a sense of relief since balance is restored. Here, the couple may decide to share a home or do something epic to celebrate their strength throughout the journey.

To attain and maintain this level, a sense of peace, mutual understanding, and acceptance need to be upheld. After overcoming all the storms experienced in other phases, it is satisfying to have finally found a new level of completeness.

Twin souls facilitate the learning of the most challenging lessons required to make it through life. Some do not last forever in each other’s lives as they part once their purpose is fulfilled, while others are privileged to have each other as life partners till death.

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