15 most expensive apps in the world today

15 most expensive apps in the world today

Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store are renowned for their massive collections of apps. Most of these are available for free, others come at a small cost, and others are highly-priced, at times more than $1,000. While some of the priciest apps have been retired or otherwise abandoned, there are still some very pricey ones out there. Are you familiar with the world’s most expensive apps?

how much is the most expensive application?
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The most expensive apps in the world vary significantly in terms of their intended use. Some provide concierge services, others offer medical guides, and some are almost entirely useless. So, what is the most expensive app ever? We take a look at the 15 most expensive apps 2020.

What are the most expensive mobile apps?

Here is a look at the priciest applications in the two major app stores in the world today. How much is the most expensive application?

15. Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed: $97

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The 11th edition of the renowned Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery textbook maintains the emphasis on excellent surgical techniques and the development of good habits. The original version was created by Victor Bonney, one of the pioneers in the field of gynecological surgery over 100 years ago.

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The app includes new diagrams that demonstrate the use of modern procedures and instruments. Traditional open-surgery techniques have mainly been replaced or complemented by laparoscopic techniques.

Some of the app’s main focus areas include:

  • General approaches to gynaecological surgery
  • Urogynaecology
  • Surgical operations on other organs
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Increased use of laparoscopy
  • Reconstructive surgery and anesthesia

14. The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine: $100

This is an unparalleled collection of over 2000 radiological, laboratory, morphologic, and clinical images that represent the most commonly-occurring disorders. The atlas enables accurate and quick visual diagnosis of over 200 medical conditions.

The app-book has various chapters that include the following.

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  • Patient Story
  • Epidemiology
  • Etiology/Pathophysiology
  • Diagnosis
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Management
  • Prognosis
  • Follow Up
  • Patient Education

The app-book contains a precise, yet comprehensive range of topics complete with color images of outstanding quality. The app is dead easy to navigate and allows easy content browsing.

All the app’s features can be used offline after it has been downloaded. Additionally, content is automatically optimized to match the screen size of the device it is being viewed on. The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine is available on the App Store as well as Google Play.

13. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics: $110

This app-book was developed by MedHand Mobile libraries and helps improve one’s performance with accurate and relevant pediatric material. Some of the app’s top features include highlighting, bookmarks, picture notes, and a useful search function.

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The hard copy Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics has been around for more than 75 years, helping provide answers to different issues touching on pediatric care. The brand new chapters in the app ensure that readers get updated information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases.

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While the Google Play version costs $110, the iOS App Store version is a bit pricier at $158.

12. Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operations: $120

The Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operations has been the gold-standard reference for basic surgery for over 50 years. The app-book edition is the tenth edition of the renowned book and covers a wide range of surgical procedures, including vascular access, hernia repair, pancreatic, gastrointestinal, and breast procedures.

Every chapter in the app-book contains drawings with colored highlights that depict every crucial action to consider before performing a surgical procedure. There is also detailed coverage of procedures, closures, positions, indications, and preoperative preparations in each chapter.

11. Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2: $299

What is the most expensive game on the app store? The answer is the $299 Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2. Essentially, it is a collection of various games, including Beez and Bubbles, Zooblz, Wormz, Clown Bop, and Boingg.

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The collection was priced way lower than the current price when it first debuted, which probably helped widen its market base. Considering the type of games one can get for free on the App Store, the $299 price tag for Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 seems somewhat unjustified.

10. Classic TC with WordPower: $299.99

This app is intended for those who experience challenges speaking in their natural voice. The app’s target market includes people with ALS, Autism, or any condition that interferes with one’s use of natural speech.

Classic TC with WordPower makes use of assisted technology to help an individual speak using the inbuilt voice synthesizer. Users also have the option to create recorded messages for future use.

9. Most Expensive Car Chase Game: $340

This is one of the most expensive android apps, and rightly so. The car chase game is highly addictive and involves players trying not to get caught by the police while stealing as money as possible along the way.

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The app’s page on the Google Play Store addresses the question of the game’s hefty price. According to the developers, having the app gives you bragging rights since you are sure your friends do not have it.

how much is the most expensive application?
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The developers, known as Jahaa, are renowned for a series of expensive games. One of their other famous games is known as the Most expensive Ball Game.

8. DDS GP: $399.99

The app’s developers market it as the best chair-side case presentation software your dentist can find. While it may not seem as professional as other tools, it certainly has some useful features.

DDS GP will cost your dentist about $400, making one of the priciest apps available today.

7. DDS GP Yes! $499.99

DDS GP Yes! is a feature-rich application created for dentists. It is mainly intended to help patients get a better visual understanding of any dental conditions and possible treatments.

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The application comes with 37 audio tracks and 200 demonstrations that help dentists make the best of the app when assisting a patient. The app acts as a bridge between an uninformed patient and a knowledgeable dentist.

What is the most expensive game on the app store?
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During a presentation, an audio track plays accompanied by the corresponding visuals for a particular dental issue. The only downside is that the app has not been updated since 2016, which may result in a buggy experience on new operating systems.

6. Verituner: $600

If you find CyberTuner too expensive, you can try out Verituner. It is slightly cheaper as compared to its pricier alternative but still way more expensive than that average app on Apple’s or Google’s stores.

Verituner is intended for professional piano technicians and is only available on Apple’s App Store. Some of its features include pitch raises, aural tunings, AutoNote, adjustable stretches, and historical temperaments, among others.

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What is the most expensive app ever?
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The wide range of useful features makes Vertituner one of the most expensive apps on Apple store.

5. BarMax Bar Exam, MBE & MPRE: $999.99

This app was developed by Harvard Law School Alumni and is one of the best-rated bar exam review courses available online. While the initial download is free, lifetime access to UBE courses costs one a hefty $1,000 on the Android Play Store.

All app owners get the first section (Civil Procedure) free of charge regardless of the course they choose. Lifetime access to over 2500 MBE questions costs $249.99.

In addition, app owners can get on-demand audio lectures from prominent Harvard Law professors. One can also choose to learn on the go without an internet connection, which makes the app even more convenient.

BarMax Bar Exam, MBE & MPRE is also available for download on the App Store.

4. app.Cash: $999.99

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app.Cash is designed to be a stylish cashier system suitable for all purposes. Its developers seek to replace the conventional cash register used in transactions and payments. One of the app’s biggest benefits is the option to use it offline.

The app can be used by any business that takes payments and stores customer data. However, it seems to be best suited for restaurants. Menu buttons can be easily categorized into beverage and meal types so that waiters/waitresses can input orders directly into the application.

In a restaurant setting, one can also create a graphic representation of the table layout to help keep track of orders. There are two printer models supported within the app, although these can only be updated by contacting the app developer.

While the app’s $1000 price tag seems a bit high, the developers claim it to be way cheaper than a traditional cash register system.

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3. Ignition: $1,000

Ignition cannot be used as a stand-alone app. It is only useful when used with a remote access program such as LogMeIn. The app allows users to gain remote access to their laptops or desktop computers, as well as all files stored in them.

how much is the most expensive application?
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In addition to remote access, Ignition also allows the remote shutdown and restarting of personal computers. The most recent update to the app added a feature that allows users to access files stored in the cloud.

All this will set you back $1,000 in addition to an annual $149 subscription if you opt in to the optional LogMeIn Pro could storage.

2. CyberTuner: $999.99

CyberTuner is the go-to piano software tuning tool for professionals. The app was developed by a team of skilled and masterful piano technicians from around the world. The app’s prospective owners are expected to have basic tuning knowledge before using the app.

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What makes CyberTuner one of the most expensive iPhone apps? The answer is in the software’s clarity of functions, ease of use, and thoughtful design. Additionally, the app was programmed by a PTG-registered technician with immense experience in piano tuning and repair.

Here are some of the top CyberTuner features.

  • Customization for concert instruments measuring 275cm and 210cm
  • Support for aural tuning
  • Fast and accurate pitch correction using the Pitch Raise and Smart Tune modes
  • Higher and faster resolution spinner for unparalleled unison and stability

1. iVIP Black: $1399.99

What is VIP Black App? Its developers describe it as the world’s first premium lifestyle mobile application. The app’s owners get access to unrivaled VIP treatment at all iVIP partner venues all over the world.

The app’s main benefits include access to private jets, personal trainers, personal stylists, theaters, butlers, restaurants, exclusive restaurants, and on-demand concierge services. Besides these, iVIP’s partner venues are handpicked using a strict selection process.

What is the most expensive game on the app store?
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It is worth noting that iVIP is not a booking or reservation portal but rather a collection of the world’s most exclusive brands, services, and venues. The app’s creators constantly refine, improve, increase, and update the available partners and privileges.

It is worth noting that while the iOS App Store version of iVIP Black costs $1399.99, the Play Store version is way cheaper at $390.

Here are some of the significant benefits available to members (available at extra costs).

  • Access to unique privilege rated available with some partner services
  • Bookings for private islands, jets, and yachts
  • Complimentary room upgrades at certain exclusive hotels
  • Invitations to exclusive VIP-only events
  • Priority access to exclusive experiences and events
  • Priority bookings and reservations at the finest eateries
  • VIP treatment across all partner brands

What is the most expensive app that does nothing?

The Abu Moo collection was among the most expensive apps on Google play that were almost entirely useless. Although no longer available for download, the app’s $2,400 price tag was outrageously high for an app that only changed your device’s home-screen picture.

The Abu Moo collection was made up of six stand-alone apps named after popular gems. These included Amethyst, Aqua Marine, Black Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Each app had a $400 price tag.

What is the most expensive app ever?
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Abu Moo’s developer claimed that the app was ‘one of the most expensive apps on the market that did nothing besides showing the world how rich you were.’

As the world goes through more and more advancements in tech, the mobile application market continues to expand. This provides an opportunity for developers to create highly-priced apps aimed at different market segments. Which of the 15 most expensive apps do you think has a justifiable price tag?

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